Data Breach is more serious than you think. Know the laws before collecting data

Posted by Swigart Law group on January 22nd, 2021

As the digital age is progressing rapidly, more and more people are relying on third party companies. These third-party companies are holding the personal identifying information of millions of internet users. Sadly, the ratio of data breaches is increasing at an alarming rate. Surveys have revealed the shocking truth that many social media companies still store user data in an unprotected fashion.

Due to these companies’ carelessness, an easy back door has opened for hackers to hack your accounts by using your compromised digital footprint. Your personally identifying information is exposed to data breaches because hackers can use various hacking techniques to breach third party secure servers and cause data leaks.

It is becoming a recurring dilemma that users and consumers are being alerted by the large and small companies that a data breach has occurred and their personal information has been compromised.

So now, some major question arises that what should you do if you face a data breach? Is there a way you can protect your data from these data breaches? Truth be told, once your data is compromised, you should take quick action to protect it as it will save you from many legal problems in the future. You can contact an authentic social security lawsuit like Swigart Law Group, which can help you retrieve your data or compensate for your lost data.

What are the types of Data breaches?

Identity Theft           

Identity theft is the most common form of data breach in this digital age. It is done by breaching the financial or personal information of another person without him knowing. After hacking, hackers can easily make transactions through your account. They can make purchases by using your account details.

In identity theft, computer technology is used increasingly to obtain people’s personal information for identity fraud. For this purpose, they can hack into computers or computer networks and breach computer-based public records. Information gathering malware can also be used by them to infect computers to get their desired information.


Ransomware is a malware induced virus that encrypts the victim’s data at ransom. Malware can be sent to the target user by attaching malware with any domain file through an email. If the user accidentally opens that file, then the malware infects that computer and encrypt the data.

After the encryption, the hackers demand ransom from the targeted user. These types of data breaches are also prevalent all over the world.

Medical Data Breach

Medical data or health data breach is the type of data breach in which hackers steal a person’s health records. A valid question arises about this, what hackers get from sealing someone’s medical records.

The answer is quite simple; medical records are like a treasure trove of all the information about you. Your medical records contain all your personal information like name, address, medical history, financial information, and social security numbers, which is enough for them. Hackers can also sell this information on the black market for a handsome amount of money.

Suppose the hospital notifies you that your medical information is being compromised. In that case, you can quickly contact an authentic social security lawsuit because they can help you in the safe retrieval of your records.

Credit Card Data Breach

The most common data breaches after identity theft are credit card data breaches. In this data, breach hackers gain unauthorized access to your sensitive information like your bank account detail, credit card account numbers, bank account user name, and password. Most commonly, this type of breach is done by using backdoors.

If you use a weak password like your bank account password, the chance of your data becoming a target of a data breach is high. Make sure to use a strong password. But suppose your data is being breached due to the recklessness of the bank. In that case, you can contact social security lawsuit like Swigart Law Group; they can file a lawsuit against the bank, which can force the take responsibility for your loss and compensate you according to your loss.

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