An Overview of Shot Blasting Devon and its Applications

Posted by AmandaTom on September 21st, 2014

Shot blasting is a term largely associated to cleaning metallic surfaces. In the process of shot blasting, the primary impetus is on removal of substances or stains from metals. There are several ways of doing the same. Generally, spinning paddles and air guns are employed for the purpose. Recently, there has been a high demand for shot blasting Devon services. It can be said that shot blasting has evolved lately as a more sophisticated version of sand blasting. Sand blasting is however one process with its own range of benefits. This makes sand blasting Devon services popular in the market with very many customers.

The thing referred to as the ‘shot’ in shot blasting can actually be made of a volley of materials. Among the most common agents are silicon carbide grains, sand or minute steel balls. The choice of the shot material varies with the scale and type of impurities that are present on the metal surface.

Applications of shot blasting

As mentioned earlier, shot blasting is most commonly used for removing impurities from metal surfaces. There can also be some other applications of the process. Besides stain and impurity removal shot blasting Devon can be used to give any desired texture to the metal surface. This is one application that is extensively used when the call is to alter the appearance of the metal surface. There are two broad techniques employed in shot blasting. These are abrasive blasting and grit blasting. Here is a brief look on both.

Abrasive blasting

In abrasive blasting, materials like sand, pressurized air, water or fine glass granules are forayed onto metal surfaces to get them polished or cleaned. The method makes use of some high-end instruments and is mostly referred to as sand blasting or pressure washing. For firms that are more environmentally concerned, eco-friendly sand blasting agents like baking soda are also used for cleaning metal surfaces. Again, the application of the process is to define the choice of the agent.

Equipment for abrasive blasting can vary from a portable bag compatible blaster to heavy trailer sized industrial sand blasting Devon equipment. A major part of the standard machinery is designed to ensure compatibility for the agent they are supposed to hold. But at the same time, there are several industrial machines that are customized to suit several materials.

Grit blasting

Even in grit blasting, the medium that is used is gritty particles of sand. Among the most common purposes of grit blasting are smoothening metallic surfaces that are rough and adding a rough texture to smooth surfaces. The pressure streams used in grit blasting are variable and depend on the force with which the stream needs to be forayed on the metal plate. An air gun is used to charge the high-pressure sand granules on to the metal plates.

The most common uses of grit blasting are achieving a frosted metal look or removing paint from metal services. Services in shot blasting Devon have been specifically in demand for quite some time now. This is due to the variable services that shot blasting agencies in Devon are offering presently.    

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