How to Choose the Right Bird Cages

Posted by Brenda Ana on January 22nd, 2021

People like to have pets around the house, they like the companionship and the idea of someone being around that greets them at all times. There are many types of pets and birds are some of the most popular ones. With so many species, from small to large ones, it is difficult to find the right housing, especially for someone who never dealt with this issue before. It is best to read some guidelines before getting the bird, to be well prepared and know what to choose. Bird cages and parrot toys are among the most popular investments you will make.

Why Bird Cages

Birds require space and to have their own housing. Choosing between bird cages will impact their wellbeing, their mental and physical health. It is essential to consider some vital factors, such as size, shape, location, and quality. Afterwards, you will notice a positive behavior from your feathered friend, and you will have peace of mind knowing you did the right thing. Let’s begin with size. As a general rule, it is preferable you purchase the largest cage you can afford and fits in your home. Your bird needs to have enough space to move around and flap their wings.

Especially if you plan to purchase or adopt a large parrot, make sure the cage is large enough and the bar spacing is also appropriate. Your bird should not be able to sneak through the bars or risk getting stuck and end up injured and stressed. It should stay safe inside and even if they climb on the cage, they should not be able to crawl through. Keep in mind that inside the cage you need to position food and water bowls, some toys, a perch or swing, which means there should be enough space for all other supplies.

Why Parrot Toys

Parrot owners face challenges to choose appropriate  parrot toys at all times. Some don’t know what they need to buy, while others believe toys are not very important. This is far from the truth, because birds need stimulation and entertainment, and toys are the key to proper development and making sure they are in good health and shape. Some owners go through various shops to find the perfect toy, they ask around, but the good news is that variety exists and eventually you will find the right ones, and your bird will love you even more.

Since you are not always around or you are unable to play with your parrot at all times, it is necessary to invest in quality and diverse toys. There are different ones that meet different purposes, some developed specifically for chewing, while others for foraging, to climb one, some with sounds, imitation toys, and such. your feathered friend needs to have something to do, so it doesn’t get bored and doesn’t develop destructive behavior, such as plucking feathers, screaming or biting. With some research you should be able to find the right ones.

Birds need the proper environment to develop and thrive, to have a long life and remain positive and happy. This means they need suitable housing, and you have the responsibility to choose suitable bird cages . Shape has a direct impact on birds and if it is possible, avoid round cages. Some birds might feel insecure in them, because they lack corners. Smaller birds that like to fly a lot prefer more length compared to height. They need the extra room to fly and you can easily find many rectangular models on the market.

Another important factor for bird cages is bar orientation. Parrots prefer horizontally oriented bars, because they can use their beak and feet to climb. Smaller birds do not care about orientation too much, because they don’t climb, they prefer flying around. Inappropriate bar spacing is dangerous, because your feathered friend can get caught between the bars or they can break something if their neck, wings, or beak remains stuck. If they become agitated when you are not around, then you will put your pet’s health at risk.

Keep in mind that quality is essential, and you should not make any sacrifices in this direction. If you invest in a high-quality cage, you can rest assured you will have it for years to come. It needs to provide great support and stability and has to be designed from safe materials that do not rust. Bird cages should blend in nicely with your home décor, which means you should buy an appropriate one from the beginning and afterwards you can rest assured that you don’t have to make additional investments.

Where to Find Parrot Toys

Birds are intelligent creatures, and they need toys for stimulation and play. In the wild, birds socialize one with another, they forage food, swing from tree to tree, they are always busy. Inside the house their options are limited, and parrot toys take a new meaning. They have a lot of actions to substitute, but the good news is that you can certainly find some great choices at pet shops and they will keep your feathered friend entertained.

At dedicated pet shops you can find the greatest variety of parrot toys and you don’t have to limit your search to physical stores, because online ones have a greater diversity and you can go through reviews, read specifications, compare prices, know the materials they are manufactured from, for what birds they are suitable, and such. Observe your bird’s behavior and get to know it better before investing in toys. Maybe they like sound-making toys, imitation ones, they like to grab and chew, or more complex stations with a variety of interactive segments.

You can purchase several parrot toys, but make sure you don’t offer them altogether. You can alternate them from time to time, so your pet will not get bored easily. Some toys can be positioned in their cage or hung onto it, so they can climb or try to grab it. Colorful and complex toys are available, but you can always build the collection as you go and discover along with your pet what it likes the most. 

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