The History Of Cartier

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The twentieth century was in its infancy at that time and looked fascinated Europe to Africa and the East in search of new and exotic. This is demonstrated by the works of Picasso or Gauguin, to name only two, and, of course, Louis Cartier jewelry. Louis and his father, Alfred, were the main drivers of the development of the firm since 1899 Cartier opened its legendary property at 13 Rue de la Paix in Paris, a street where the Guerlain perfume was also found, among other mythical boutiques. Although they were not alone; the other two sons of Alfred, Jacques (1884-1942) and Pierre (1878-1956), responsible for the subsidiaries in London and New York subsidiary bought this that said two strands of pearls-open in 1902 and 1909, respectively, also helped build the identity of the firm.

Returning Louis, this was a true esthete, a cult and art collector, an interest that was reflected in the creation of the Fondation Cartier man, a space dedicated to art. Until 1899, the date on which he decides to take over the business, Cartier is primarily an intermediary reselling jewelry and gemstones. Since then, the firm is taking shape and creating a creative team that designs and assembles its own parts, initially characterized by the style called “garland”-equivalent in decorative arts to Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI.

By then, what distinguished the house designs with respect to those of its competitors was especially the use of platinum, largely untapped at the time. Slowly, nature, animals-including his iconic panther and flowers, especially orchids, will be introduced in the designs of the jewelry house. Cartier reaching fame was such that in the early twentieth century had already received several royal patents, among others, the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII.

Since then, Cartier jewelry, especially famous for his work with diamonds and watches, has diversified its business-to the world of leather goods and perfumes, and has become one of the most prestigious brands of jewelry and demanded not only by royalty, also for the jet set and the star system worldwide. Alfonso Alfaro As noted in one of the texts in the catalog The Art of Cartier replica jewelry “Cartier is one of those companies whose existence proves that not everything in the modern world is mechanization and mass consumption, there is still room for another way of conceiving relationship between men and objects. ”


1847 Louis-François Cartier takes the cartier jewellery workshop of Adolphe Picard at number 31 rue Montergueil of Paris.

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