The Great Advantages of a Cat Scratching Post

Posted by Brenda Ana on January 22nd, 2021

Cats and dogs remain the most popular choices as pets. People love their companionship, the fact that they can play with them, cuddle, pet, and they are amazed of how intelligent and funny they are. However, having such a pet around the house requires some implications, especially buying the necessary supplies. If you don’t want your cat to scratch the furniture, carpet, or other surfaces, you have to invest in a cat scratching post. There are so many available on the market that you will be able to fit at least one in your home. As for dogs, if you want to occasionally clip their coat, a pair of dog clippers is essential.

Why a Cat Scratching Post

Scratching is a common behavior of cats and many people don’t like it and eventually punish their felines or even worse, abandon them at the shelter. These are not good solutions, they are inhumane, especially declawing. Responsible cat owners need to look into a cat scratching post and integrate different scratching surfaces around the house. Cats have a natural tendency to scratch, they do it for various reasons:
• it is one way to mark their territory,
• it promotes nail health,
• it helps them stretch their body,
• stimulates positive hormones that make them feel good,
• kittens burn the excess energy

If you don’t like it when the cat scratches your furniture, you can divert its instinct to the post and to make it even more appealing, you need to make the introduction. Rub some catnip on it and it will instantly become more interesting. You can also place some treats at the top and choose posts that have toys hanging around, to keep your feline entertained for a longer period of time. In households with multiple cats, the post acts as a socializing spot, and they will play and interact one with another, building great bonds.

What Dog Clippers to Buy

Dogs require constantly grooming and cleaning, because they don’t clean themselves, like cats do. Some owners prefer to take their pets to a grooming salon and professionals are the ones who wash and trim their coats. However, between cuts or if you want to do it on your own, you can invest in  dog clippers  and choose the most suitable ones to enjoy a positive experience and obtain a good result as well. The main consideration is your dog’s coat, if it is long or short, if it is softer or firmer, if you want to do it occasionally or on a regular basis.

There are many types of clippers on the market, including models that change blades, and these are ideal if you want to groom your dog shorter or longer in different areas or based on the time of the year. Some of the most important considerations when buying clippers include size, weight, and the sound they make. It is best to find a comfortable mode, with a nice grip, so you can hold it nicely while cutting the coat. Sound plays a very important role, because most dogs don’t like the loud noise approaching them. The grooming session can be a lot easier when you find a quiet clipper.

Cats and dogs have different needs. For instance, when you welcome a cat in your home, you need to purchase a  cat scratching post , otherwise you will find you beloved furniture all scratched up. Cats have a natural tendency to scratch and it is a normal behavior. There are so many amazing models nowadays that you can certainly find one that meets your budget and your cat’s needs. Manufacturers combine materials and come with the most interesting designs. You will encounter vertical and horizontal posts, designed from wood, cardboard, carpeting fabric, sisal, and such.

Perhaps one of the most popular models is the sisal covered cat scratching post. Cats love running their claws through the sisal surface, because it is more resistant, and it feels great. It is true that these models cost more than cardboard ones, but they are more durable, and they last for years even, depending on how many cats use the post. There are some really nice assembles on the market, with sitting areas, playgrounds, ideal if you have playful felines that like to spend time together and play around the surfaces.

A carpet covered cat scratching post is highly popular among cats as well, because the material is sturdy, and it is similar to carpets found on floors and staircases. Regardless of the type you end up buying, make sure it is durable and sturdy, with a solid base that will not topple over or wobble when your cat jumps on it or when it begins scratching it. If you prefer taller posts, you have to make sure they have heavy bases. To choose between a vertical or horizontal post, watch your feline’s behavior and see if it prefers to climb or to sit down and scratch surfaces.

Where to Look for a Dog Clipper

There are many types of dog clippers on the market, but the key is to choose one model that is suitable for your pet’s coat. You want to make the trimming experience bearable and even enjoyable, so spending money on a quality product is necessary. You can look online for advice regarding the models suitable for your dog’s coat or you can ask the pet shop directly.

If your local pet store does not have many dog clippers to choose from, don’t hesitate to look online. It makes sense, because there is a greater variety, and you can easily find a suitable product. Delivery is fast and you can read specifications, look up reviews, and eventually purchase the right tool.

Dog clippers are necessary for many pet owners, especially the ones that want to trim coats on their own or who want to groom their dog occasionally. You can find some amazing products at an online pet shop, benefit from assistance, and good offers. Cutting your dog’s coat does not have to be a burden and it isn’t with the right product.

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