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Posted by Davidsen Lysgaard on January 22nd, 2021

1. What is dimming cup? The principle of high technology? dimming solarban 70xl , full name electrically handled dimming glass, is some sort of glass that uses electricity to adjust the range of view of light source. Electronically controlled dimming wine glass is actually a excellent liquid crystal film set up among two layers involving a glass and processed directly into laminated glass at large temperature in addition to high stress. It has the performance of "transparent when revived and atomized when electric power is off"! When often the strength is turned away, the solution crystal substances in the cup are scattered irregularly, thus gentle cannot pass through, as well as the glass is milky white colored; when the power will be started up, the liquid amazingly elements are arranged beautifully, and light can enter, and the goblet is see-thorugh! 2. Tips on how to control like a magical dimming wine glass? Switching speed? So that you can aid the functioning, this dimming glass mainly has a wide variety of control methods like wall switch, remote command, and click touch. Additional deal with methods can likewise be designed by your self, such as mobile SOFTWARE PACKAGE control, remote control, etc . It can switch involving atomization and transparency in one subsequent, and instantly protect personal privacy. 3. What exactly triple glazed units of electricity will the electronically controlled dimming goblet use? How to make certain basic safety during use? At Cina, the dimming cup (dimming film, self-adhesive film) may use 36V, 45V, 48V, 60V output voltage, mainly because long as the particular dimming glass is put in at accordance with the requirements, and the cable direction-finding is medical, it could ensure security. 4. Exactly how need to the dimming glass end up being maintained and cleaned? This cleaning of dimming a glass is actually the similar as ordinary a glass. A person can wipe it having a good slightly damp fabric, or even use a one of a kind cup cleaner and equipment to wash it.

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