Unique Printing Ideas For Plain Jute Bags

Posted by jennifer on January 22nd, 2021

Do you want to make your marketing campaign highly successful? Without gifting your customers and employees, you might not be able to make connect with your prospects and remain in their memories. The recall of your brand is one of the main criteria for your long-term business existence and success.So, gifting has gradually become one of the most important aspects of brand promotion and building lasting relationship with your customers.

There are many products that can be gifted and one of the most preferred and cost effective items are the bags. You may have chosen jute tote bags as one of your promotional gifts as well. These eco-friendly bags can give a high value to users. However, to grab everyone’s attention, it is essential to customise those bags. Surely, jute bags are available in different attractive designs. However, with eye-catching prints, you can make them unique. So buying plain jute bags in natural color and getting it printed with your business logo can be a good idea to grab attention of the users and others.

We have presented you with some jute bag printing ideas to customise your promotional products.

Print your bag with a message about green environment-

As jute is one of the eco-friendly fabrics, it is the perfect choice for your promotional campaign. Moreover, there are other ways of showing your environmental consciousness. You can choose some inspiring message about the green environment and print it on your bag. It is also better to print the image of a leafy tree and earth. You can create an eco-friendly theme while customising your jute bags.

Print your jute bag that reflects tropical summer season-

You may claim that jute bags look boring with solid coloured design. You have to think of something different to add some fun to the design. For instance, you can print palm leaves on your bags. On the summer season, when you like to offer some promotional gifts to your customers, you can choose these print patterns. It is one of the creative ways of personalising your bags.

Floral designs with some custom prints-

You know that there are different printing techniques to personalise a bag. You can choose the best printing method to display your brand name to the mid-section of the bag. However, to make the bag look awesome, you can add embroidered floral design to two corners of the bag. This embroidered jute bag can be a perfect replacement of harmful plastic carriers and costly leather bags. Buy jute bags wholesale Australia and print them in this way.

Interesting graphics for your jute lunch bags-

Your jute bags Australia may be usable as a lunch bag. Restaurants and businesses in the food industry like to offer lunch bags to their customers. There is an innovative way of printing these bags. On one side of the bag, you can add some graphics related to foods. On another side, you can display your business logo. Your jute lunch bag will gain the attention of the users. Choose a sturdy jute bag with durable straps and zipper.

Texts that relates to your business

One more interesting way to customize the personalized bags is by printing texts or quotes that somehow relate to your business. Such texts with your logo on the side of the bag will compel the users to have a look on your bag. Usually these quotes are quirky or fun lines which get successful in grabbing the attention of the viewers. This is one of the widely preferred way of  personalizing the promotional gifts.

Contrast display of your logo

Plain or blank jute bags offer you ample opportunity to get your logo printed in your preferred sizes. Any dark color business logo will go well with the blank color of the bag. It will make your logo visible from even far off distances grabbing the attention of all. Even if you are going with a colorful bag, the logo should be printed in a contrast color to make the customization effective. The choice of colors matter a lot while using bags for promotions. 

Now, you can purchase the best quality jute bags for your marketing campaign. These printed bags wholesale are the most cost-effective choices for businesses of all sizes. You can find more than one printing option to customise your bags. Make sure that the printed designs do not fade away with time. With bold patterns and artworks, you can make your bags beautiful. Your customers will like to use the printed bags for any purpose. The fashionable jute bags will go with any outfit.

Buy wholesale plain and printed jute bags in bulk at the best prices. Have a look at all the sizes like small, medium-size or large-size bags, various designs and cost and place an order for doorstep delivery.

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