Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development Projects

Posted by Bespokesoftwaredevelopment1 on September 22nd, 2014

Years ago, companies only outsourced services considered non-critical, such as contact marketing and customer support. Offshoring was also used for labour-intensive tasks because labour costs were significantly cheaper in other countries. This is no longer the case. Today, a growing number of successful companies are confident in outsourcing even the most critical projects—including software development—thanks to the advancement in communication and information technologies.

Developing software in-house might seem ideal picture, but it is not always practical. Maintaining in-house personnel can be very costly—and often impossible for small-scale businesses that don't have large capitalisation. In-house development also entails large opportunity costs. This is why most companies choose to outsource software development to experienced firms. Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing software development projects to bespoke development experts:

  • Save money - The savings generated by outsourcing software development can be substantial. This is true for both small and big enterprises. You won't have to pay additional personnel to do the job, and services can be acquired on a per-project basis. Outsourcing saves you from having to pay salaries, benefits, and training costs. By outsourcing your development requirements to a dedicated team of expert programmers, you can take advantage of the capabilities and skills you would normally have to pay big money for.
  • Save time – Outsourcing means projects are completed in a timely manner. The best software development companies are committed to delivering on schedule.  
  • 3. Focus on your business – Outsourcing removes distractions. The provider takes care of the development project from start to finish, so your in-house IT personnel can focus on day-to-day operations and other important aspects of the business. Your staff can concentrate on streamlining work and increasing productivity while waiting for the software program or the new system to materialise.

Finding the right team of developers to outsource your custom software development project can be a challenge, but it's not when you know what to look for. Take time to research the work history and the background of the company you are eyeing. You can tell from the feedback of previous clients, whether the company is competent, reliable, and can be trusted with your specific project or not. It also makes sense to hire a local custom software development company in the UK willing to maintain open lines of communication with your team throughout the project. This ensures that every stage of the development goes smoothly and perfectly.

About the Author:

This article is written by Jignesh Vaducha who is the Managing Director at Schnell Solutions Limited.  He works closely with Schnell's customer around the globe on their IT transformation and modernisation initiatives with a specific focus on developing bespoke software applications.  Under his leadership, Schnell offers various services viz. Bespoke Software Development and Consulting, Mobile App, IT Audit, Ebase Xi and other services which focus on Integration and Automation. Prior to working for Schnell, Jignesh was a key member of the Software AG UK Government team responsible for creating and delivering innovative service transformation and security solutions.

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