LED Display Panels herald a World of New-Age Technology.

Posted by kioskkorea on September 23rd, 2014

In a world where display technology has grown in leaps and bounds to one’s wonder, the idea of LED display panels incorporate a stream of light-emitting diodes that are applied as video display. To aptly define, an LED panel is described as a smaller display of larger LED display. Indeed a superb technology that brings lucidity and distinctness in display makes it more endearing for onlookers who will be attracted by its pleasant look and appeal. Kioskorea Co., Ltd., is the most sought-after LED display panels manufacturer in Korea and it has the special resources and talents to integrate excellent LED displays.

The applications

LED displays find its application as follows:

  • Store signs
  • Billboards
  • Sports stadiums
  • Public squares
  • Airports
  • Commercial plazas
  • Parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Tall buildings, and so on.

In recent times, it has become a significant aspect of public transport vehicles or on transparent glass areas rendering informative window shopping to buyers. Sometimes, the panels are also ued for lighting, i.e., for the purpose of general illumination, stage lighting, task lighting, and so on.

The two types of LEDs

The two basic types of LED panels are surface-mounted device panels and conventional panels. The former finds its application in interiors of buildings like in malls or markets on indoor screens, while the latter is applied mostly on outdoor screen, except for sometimes on indoor screens.

How LED panels are useful?

LED panels aids in accelerating energy efficiency thus saving a great deal of energy. The favourable part of this kind of light is it can be luminous without having to consume a lot of power. Besides, lamps using LED panels can be put to use for many years without getting them damaged or replaced. Gradually, the fluorescent tubes are getting rapidly replaced by LEDs and this will be the next generation lighting technique. The added advantage is that LED lights aids in reducing the amount of consumption of natural resources thus, cropping the electricity bill to a great extent.

Science says that LED lights have full spectrum unlike the white light gas that has some spectrum missing. Most soothing and bright, the LED lights which have full spectrum are same like sunlight.

Kioskorea Co., Ltd, a LED manufacturing company in Korea brings new dimensions in LED technology with dynamic revolutions. The concept of transparent LED display is most common in laptops, gadgets wherein the screens have highest resolution to provide maximum brightness and lucidness in display. Compared to traditional LEDs, transparent LED displays, which are also defined as organic displays act as great lighting source and produce maximum amount of white light.

Since technology is rapidly striding in leaps, experiments are going on to introduce this lighting concept in uniforms so as to build updated display intricately placed in the helmet of a soldier’s visor. This is something definitely worth to keep an eye on. Where the world is tuning more into digital products, the rigorous discoveries in this realm is adding more wonders to the world.

Hence, the future is not too far which will herald an era of new-age phenomenal technology.

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