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Posted by Johny Dean on September 23rd, 2014

Landscaping, garden maintenance, fencing, tree pruning, hedge cutting, all these activities are included in the job description of a professional gardener. Such professional is usually seen working in private or public gardens, parks or in the street, taking care of walkway plants.

The responsibilities of a professional gardener vary greatly from one season to another. For example, roses are best planted in spring, while most trees need to be planted in the fall. Also, fertilisers need to be used at a certain time, not every time you water your plants. Gardeners know this and use their knowledge to the benefit of gardens.

Those interested in domestic garden services Leeds or commercial garden services Leeds need to hire a professional gardener or team of gardeners, because there is always something to do in a garden, like tree pruning or hedge cutting, not only in the warm months, as commonly believed.

Harmful insects, plant diseases, dust, debris, soil problems, and many others can be found in a garden, being it private or public. Therefore, if you care about your garden, you have to commission a professional gardener that would provide regular garden maintenance and allow you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

Domestic garden services Leeds may be delivered rarer than commercial garden services Leeds, because many private garden owners like to prune trees or water their vegetables themselves, without help from another party. When it comes to public gardens, however, things are not the same.

Public garden owners are usually busy managers who do not have the time to remove weeds, fertilise plants, fight with soil problems or clean garden furniture. For such jobs, they hire professional gardeners that are the best solution for a lovely garden and that can undertake any garden task, no matter how small or complicated.

Finding gardeners is pretty easy, since they can be seen working outdoors most of their working time. However, do not hire the first gardener that you find watering a lawn or pulling weeds near a public pond; do a little bit of research first to see if that gardener is indeed what you are looking for.

After finding a reliable gardener, discuss your requirements and sign a contract where you need to specify all the details that are considered necessary like your name and company name, the name of the garden maintenance company that you have hired, the start date of the contract and also its end date, if it has one, and the payment the gardeners will receive.

Looking for professional gardeners that can provide you with domestic garden services Leeds or commercial garden services Leeds? Consider us. Gardening is our profession and we specialise in both domestic and commercial hedge cutting, pruning, fencing, landscaping, turfing, garden tidy ups, and all aspects of garden maintenance. We offer our services all year round, are friendly and professional and can help you transform a piece of land into a lovely garden. For more information on our services and availability, contact us today.

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