Are you looking to buy a new GoPro HD Camera but not sure which one to actually get

Posted by jeffer121 on September 23rd, 2014

The camera gopro (GoPro camera) is primly used for getting video and photos from one helmet while play extreme sports like skateboarding motocross, and mountain. They can be used for underwater and water sports, solo sports like rock climbing, winter sports like snowboarding and high speed sports like motorcycle racing. With the distinct cameras and the various selections of mounts, the uses are almost everlasting.

With all the distinct cameras, packages and accessoire gopro (GoPro accessories) accessible from GoPro, it can be a short, arduous to obtain the one that is going to match your requirements the most. Here is a breakdown of the various models, how they suit into the packages and some of the vital accessories that you might need to see into for your special sport choice.

GoPro has two main versions of their camera model, the GoPro HERO and the GoPro 960. The major difference amid these two cameras is the High Definition mode that they get video clips. The GoPro 960 gets video in 960p HD, which is a 4:3 resolution of 1280960. This is a standard non-widescreen TV or YouTube natively display video. Whereas the GoPro HERO gets video in 1080p HD, which is 16:9 resolution of 1920x1080, which is a general widescreen TVs video display.

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