Defy Extreme Weather Conditions with Portable Cleanpot Humidifiers

Posted by kpccoltd on September 24th, 2014

Next time when you are traveling to any dry part of the world, you need not worry about its arid atmospheric conditions. While the concern of ample damages to skin and aggravating health conditions are always there, the idea to rule out worries is resolved with the use of a cleanpot humidifier. Yes, you have heard it right! It is small-sized portable humidifier that you can carry to any part of the world and ensure optimum weather condition within closed doors, no matter how high or low the temperature is outside. Getting into the details of understanding the functions of a cleanpot humidifier, let’s check out what is a humidifier and problems associated with low-humidity.

Explain Humidifier

Envisioned as a household appliance, a humidifier aids in enhancing humidity of any single room or every room in a house. It is a beautifully designed unit in diverse shapes and sizes that functions by putting moisture in air. Sometimes, medical ventilators include in-built humidifiers that are capable of increasing comforts of patients.

Problems associated with Low-Humidity

The possibility of extremely low-humidity is observed in dry and hot deserts and also in extremely cold conditions where the humidity can plummet to as low as 10% to 20%. Remember, under any strenuous weather condition, low humidity can bring in adverse health conditions. The most likely chances of drying out of your mucous membranes like the throat and nose is possible. Also, extreme weather conditions can trigger respiratory distress. Apart from these, it can cause shrinking or cracking of furniture pieces and besides these, papers, books and artworks can also wrap or shrink and become absolutely brittle in low humidity.

KPC Co., Ltd., a well-known Korean-based company is recognised as a floating humidifier manufacturer in Korea. The company’s accumulated know-how of designing highest quality cleanpot with enhanced technology acknowledges the finesse of modern technology. Portable and easily washable, this small unit offers multiple features to ensure its eco-friendly and roundabout attributes.

Features of a Cleanpot Humidifier

  • Boasts of contemporary design
  • Ensures maximum benefits of washing without much hassle. This washable humidifier can be quickly separated from its tank and its internal areas can be cleaned without any difficulty
  • Operates at a very low sound, which can hardly be heard. Besides, its operating system is quite straightforward.
  • Since it is portable you can carry it with you anywhere you travel

Defined as an ultrasonic and tankless humidifier, it is very much easy to use and uses very less electricity compared to traditional humidifiers. The DC adapter installed inside the unit signifies that there is minimum risk of electrical injury. What more you can ask for when you can operate the unit with your iOS OS smart phone or with Android!

Hence, this washable cleanpot humidifier is one of its kinds and is very classy in look. It is this small floating humidifier that ensures safe humidification unlike those of existing humidifiers that use water tank structure.

Defy extreme weather conditions of any country where you travel by carrying this portable cleanpot humidifier with you.   

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