Functions of Refrigerator Evaporator and Advanced Features of Home Appliances

Posted by zephyrcoltd on September 24th, 2014

Almost every household has a refrigerator in today’s scenario and so the significance of the unit is inevitable to keep foods fresh and good. A pack of machinery inside the unit ensures seamless functions and one of the most important machines is the refrigerator evaporator that aids in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Zephyr Co., Ltd., recognised as a leading refrigerator evaporator manufacturer in Korea is popularly known for producing apt home appliances, such as, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and so on.

Let’s have a look at how the evaporator in the refrigerator works

The evaporator enables to produce maximum cooling effect in the air conditioning and refrigeration systems. For many, the evaporator is the integral part of a fridge wherein the other parts pay lesser important roles. Described as heat exchanger surface the evaporators function by transferring heat from those substances that need to be cooled. They enjoy diverse applications and so are available in varied shapes, designs and sizes.

In case of domestic refrigerators, these evaporators are known by the name of freezers wherein ice is formed. Getting into the details of its functioning, refrigerant enters inside the evaporator at a very low pressure from the expansion valve. The refrigerant functions by absorbing excessive heat from those substances that need to be cooled, as a result of which the refrigerant gets heated, whereas the substance gets cooled. Even after that, the temperature of the refrigerant is actually less than the substance, thus leaving the evaporator in vapour condition. It stays in a superheated state that is absorbed by the compressor.

Indeed an innovative invention, refrigerators are supposedly to provide comfort and minimize human activities to commendable extent. If you have a refrigerator at home, you need not frequent the supermarket. Frozen foods and chilled drinks are available at your disposal. No wonder, evaporators have the most indispensable role given its capability of transferring heat and enhancing cooling effect. The heat actually absorbed from the evaporator is discharged by the condensing unit through means of compressor and heat pump.

Where are evaporators located in refrigerators?

They are located at the freezer compartment, which is actually invincible to the naked eyes. Herein, adequate amount of ice is accumulated round the surface. In the past, people used to remove the ice with the use of a knife so as to enhance the freezing effect and create sufficient storage space. Nonetheless, the modern domestic refrigerators come equipped with advanced feature of automatic defrosting unit that ensures energy efficiency of the system. This means there is no possibility of ice building up in the compartment, which gets automatically defrosted.

Zephyr Co., Ltd., the sought-after Korean based company looks into the fine details of maximizing efficiency of home appliances with critical inspection. The overall idea is to introduce features in these units so as to accelerate the functioning systems. For instance, improvising on manufacturing a washing machine ddm motor is the company’s forte. With improved details in the system, it has been possible to increase efficiency, reduce noise, ensure long-life and enhance torque of the unit.

Thus with no doubt, home appliances and their diverse functions apt with modern demands can add maximum convenience to your domestic chores.     

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