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Posted by Ashira on January 23rd, 2021

Boxing is a popular sport where two or more competing athletes, most commonly boxers, fight at a very long distance with a heavy bag; often called a "hammock" or "punchbag". The boxing bouts last for about three to five minutes and are generally of medium intensity. Often, fighters will wear boxing gloves, boxing shoes and participate in hand to hand training, which strengthens their fists and hands. This helps them to be able to withstand the blows they receive and defend themselves effectively.

The Muay Thai fighting style was developed in Thailand, but there are other countries that have also enjoyed the boxing culture. วิจาร มวย ตู้ There are several different styles of Muay Thai boxing; however, all use a combination of striking, blocking and Wrestling tactics. This gives them both an offensive and defensive advantage. It has become one of the most popular sports in Thailand and other Asian countries.

I went to Bangkok to watch my first Muay Thai fight and was blown away by the intensity and violence of the fighters. I soon learned that there are several different phases to the fight, depending on how much experience each fighter has. The first stage is called the Pre-flight Preparation. During this time the Muay Thai fighter will warm up and cut loose before the main event. Most fighters here will do some extensive conditioning work and do an intense cardio workout before entering the ring.

After the fighters get through their conditioning work and cardio workout the real fight begins. Usually the fighters compete until one fighter is defeated enough times that the match referee declares the match ended. When I was in Bangkok I saw the champions train hard, then beat their opponents at the same gym they trained at. I've also seen many of the top names in the UFC and Strikeforce come to train at the famous Muay Thai gym so I know it's true what people say about the skill of the fighters here.

The ring itself is usually very colorful and constructed in a very unique way. The ring has a very distinctive design where the fighters enter through a large circular door, but the only part that's visible is the circular center. The interior consists of a octagon ring, usually made of high quality metal with handrails, which the fighters circle around as they attack. I have never seen anyone who was defeated in my five years of boxing training in Thailand at the gym.

While the ring is the main area for fights, there are numerous arenas throughout the city that allow Muay Thai fighters to hone their skills. Some fighters go to the ring only to train, while others spend hours training and sparring. There are always fresh new students signing up to the gym each week. If you're interested in learning more about Muay Thai fighters, check out my website where I have lots of great information on this very exciting sport.

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