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Posted by one40 on September 25th, 2014

Drug addiction can be devastating to your life. It may destroy your relationships, ruin your finances, and change you for the worst. It can make you lose everything that you have worked hard for. The good news, there is hope. You can check into a residential addiction treatment centre for recovery and treatment. With some perseverance, determination, and the guidance of professional addition specialists, you can start your life anew and become a more productive member of society.

You Cannot Overcome Addiction on Your Own

There are addicts who believe that they can beat their addiction simply by not taking drugs and going cold turkey. What they don’t realize is that this may just worsen the situation.

Many drugs are highly addictive and if you suddenly stop using them, your body craves for them intensely, and you are left dealing with painful withdrawal symptoms alone. Withdrawal can be stressful and challenging, and at times, it can make you experience problems like seizures, fever, and nausea.

When you stay in a residential treatment centre, you can be guided and assisted by medical and addiction specialists during the detox period. Detox is the complete cessation of drug intake and it is commonly provided prior to starting a rehabilitation programme. It may take days to complete, depending on the severity of your condition. Medical professionals can provide you with medications and other solutions that can help relieve the withdrawal symptoms or at least make them more bearable.

Why You Need Professional Help

There is more to drug addiction than merely taking the drug that your body craves and loving the effects that it gives. As a resident in an addiction treatment centre, you are guided into facing the reasons why you decided to take drugs in the first place. Insecurities, personal issues, trauma, and problems with your family are some of the root causes that you would have to recognise, face, and resolve with the help of a counsellor. Real rehab does not just treat the symptoms—it treats the origin of the problem.

Group and family therapies can be provided as needed, too. There are treatment centres in the UK that provide specialty programmes that creatively help you feel more comfortable with your inner self and bravely face your problems. These programmes range from music therapy to equine assisted therapy and trauma reduction therapy.

Residential addiction treatment aims to help you overcome your drug addiction and change you for the better. After treatment, you can start to build a life without drugs.

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This article is written by Dale Conlon, who is associated with One40. One40 is a culmination of all expertise, dedication, compassion, and experience they have gained over the years and enables them to offer clients comprehensive individually tailored addiction and disorder day treatment programs in a tranquil, conducive environment.

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