Why Is Organic Food Better For You?

Posted by Yuri on January 23rd, 2021

These days, people are more conscious about what they eat. Some people are for environmental reasons and some people are for health reasons. I’ve started to pay extra attention to what I put into my body when I started changing my lifestyle into a green lifestyle. Now I am a little obsessed with “organic”. So what is organic food exactly?

Organic foods like vegetables and fruits are grown and processed without any chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, or preservatives. Organic meat, eggs and dairy are also the same. The animals haven't been given any antibiotics or growth hormones and the feed that is given organic as well. Now let me tell you why organic food is better for your health and for the planet.

Organic foods do not contain any kind of harmful toxic chemicals like conventional grown foods, therefore it doesn't have any negative impact on our health and the environment. Non-chemical food that grows naturally is much healthier, better nourishments, fresher and full of flavor compared to non-organic foods. Eating organic foods instead of non-organic foods can prevent heart disease, cancer, vision problems, premature aging, and cognitive malfunction. 

Organic foods are also good for the environment. It is because organic farming practices minimal soil, air, and water pollution to support people’s healthy lifestyle and safer environment. Organic foods are locally made which helps to reduce the carbon emissions and plastic packaging as usually when they sell at farmer’s markets, they do not use plastic packaging. 

After reading this, now it is totally up to you what to choose. Organic food can be a little bit pricey, but for your health and for the environment, it is worth to invest in something that makes you healthier, beatutier, cleaner and at the same time not harming our planet. Personally, since choosing organic foods instead of conventional grown foods, I feel healthier and my skin and hair get better. 


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