What do you need to know about Gold cap mushroom?

Posted by Jorgb Rown on January 23rd, 2021

Gold cap mushroom is also known as Psilocybe Cubans.  It is one of the most popular magic mushrooms.  The main reason behind this is that it is simple to grow significantly for the beginners who have no prior experience of cultivating mushrooms.

Where does the gold cap mushroom grow?

Gold cap mushrooms are dung loving species often found in the dung of plant-eating animals like goats and cows.  They grow in subtropical and tropical areas including South America, Mexico, West Indies and the United States. These mushrooms can be cultivated quickly at home in a sterilized environment at approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a proper growing set up that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and more.

What are the main characteristics of gold cap mushroom?

In the present time, gold cap mushroom is the largest of all psychedelic mushrooms.  They are referred to as golden cap shrooms because they are often light golden in colour. They have a white ring around the perimeter, and umbrella-shaped caps are often darker brown in the middle. They can be between 1.5 cm to 8 cms; they have a bruise and smooth navy blue colour, which is one-way foragers identify them.

Details about psychoactive compounds present in Gold cap mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis don’t only contain Psilocybe, albeit it is the main compound present in the fungus. Indeed, these gold cap mushrooms have other psychoactive components including baeocystin, norbaeocystin and Psilocybe. The symbiotic combination of these compounds and other elements present in the mushroom contributes to its psychotropic effects. 

Gold cap mushroom spores

In some countries, Psilocybe spores are legal; thus, they can quickly get these gold cap mushrooms.  However, people who live in other parts of the world can also buy them Online if their country’s marijuana law allows them to do so.  There are some legit websites for this purpose. From them, you can get the most common gold cap mushrooms like Penis envy, B+, golden teacher and others. 

How many gold cap mushroom you can consume?

It entirely depends on your level of tripping experience and how intense you want to go. Approximately one to three grams of dried gold cap mushroom is considered a moderate dose and. Four to seven grams is heroic or heftier quantity. Every trip is different depending on the person. Therefore you should start with a small amount and wait for a couple of hours before taking more, especially if you have no previous experience.  However, the best way would be to weigh your dried mushrooms on a scale to determine how much you can consume.  If you are tripping to seek healing, you must consider going to the legal retreat centre.  The whole experience of gold cap mushroom lasts around six to eight hours.

How can you consume gold cap mushroom?

Psychedelic mushrooms are eaten as whole or steeped in tea. If you want to consume a simple tea, just add your mushrooms to boiled water and discard wet mushroom material after steeping.  In another case, you can grind mushrooms into a powder and put them into capsules. In recent days mushroom chocolates are also gaining popularity in the consumer. However, If you are among those who want to grow their mushrooms, you need seeds or spores to obtain from Australian Seed Bank quickly.

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