13 Amazing Facts About Cork Flooring

Posted by articlelink01 on September 26th, 2014

Cork floors have so many different features that made it one of the most popular flooring materials today. It is used in just about any type of building not only for aesthetic purposes, but also because it is durable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair if needed. However, those features are only a small fraction of what makes them special. Here are 13 more facts that make them simply amazing.
1.    Cork is actually the bark of a tree called the cork oak. This tree only grows in the Mediterranean region and has a life expectancy of 250 years. The bark of the tree is harvested every 9 years without causing any damage thus it is said that cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials being used today.
2.    They are fire resistant to a certain degree. Should it eventually catch on fire, cork will not emit any toxic chemicals.

3.    They are ideal for people with asthma or allergies. Cork is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria because of a chemical called suberin found in the bark. Cork floors are usually described as being hypoallergenic because it is free from chemicals and other irritants.

4.    Should a cork tile be dented, the affected portion will return to its original state after a few hours. This is because of the elasticity properties of cork.

5.    Although they have only recently made the limelight in the United States, they have been used for over a century. One of the oldest buildings that were believed to be among the first to have cork floors installed is a church near Chicago that was built in 1890.

6.    They are warm and soft to walk on. However, don’t let its softness fool you. Cork is one of the most durable flooring products in the market today.

7.    Cork is commonly used to create sound proofed rooms. Before the final flooring material of the room installed, cork underlayment is first installed. This provides a barrier which sound cannot pass through. 

8.    Cork is 100% natural and to date, no materials created by man can imitate its natural features.

9.    Cork manufactures produce them in over 200 colors, shapes, and sizes.

10.    To maintain an overall eco-friendly environment, installers often use water-based adhesives when installing them.

11.    Cork tiles are normally finished with eco-friendly colors and varnishes. Because cork warps in heat and humidity, cork floors will contract and expand. Unfortunately, some cork tile finishes manufacturers use varnishes and colors that will not follow cork when this happens. Even though a cork tile is very durable, the varnish is not, and this will peel in places.

12.    Cork flooring is notoriously expensive. The prices per square foot can at times be 4 times more expensive than other popular flooring materials such as tiles or hardwood.

13.    Because of the abundance of colors and designs, architects and interior designers find it easy to ensure that the flooring matches furniture and other designs in any room, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Forna Flooring’s wood coating ensures that your cork floors reach their potential. Bring out the beauty and shine of your flooring by applying a layer of our wood coating after installation. We also manufactures coatings for all metal objects.


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