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Posted by bestroom on September 27th, 2014

The UV system is one of the latest technology driven processes that holds ample potential for application in different industries. High quality UV coating inks and adhesives are extensively used for a number of enhanced physical properties like increased gloss, better resistance to abrasion, scratch and chemical, hardness, adhesion, and elasticity. These qualities offer superior performance of the products on which the inks are used. The ability to dry out quickly makes these inks and adhesives ideal in manufacturing industries, and they steeply reduces the time of the manufacturing process.  Bestroom Co. Ltd is a renowned company in the field of different advanced UV systems operating in Korean market. The company specializes in research and production of different types of UV coatings including glues, and adhesives as well as hardening units.

Privacy Films from Bestroom Co. Ltd.

UV curated OCR resins and PDLC film are the most popular products made by Bestroom Co. Ltd.. Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal is a new material with the capacity to adjust the penetration of visible light as per the presence or absence of electricity. In order to ensure the best quality of PDLC film supplied, this pdlc film manufacturer in korea employs the best technology and the best materials. The formulation of the PDLC film from the company consists of liquid crystal and matrix prepolymer and offers high contrast in optical performance. These films can be used for a number of purposes, starting from ensuring privacy, to architecture glass, sunroof, displays and e-papers are the place of application for this innovative item.  Due to the capacity of these PDLC films to allow penetration of visible light as per the presence or absence of electricity, they can be extensively and adequately used as switchable privacy film in different purposes. 

OCR resins from Bestroom Co. Ltd.

OCR is UV curable Optical Clear Resin with a crystal clear appearance. This adhesive is used where crystal clear and invisible bonds with the capacity to dry up very quickly are required. The high quality OCR produced by Bestroom Co. Ltd. resist yellowing and allows maximum visual quality along with accurate color. These films are often added on the LCD screens and monitors as they offer protection as well as a brightened visual appearance with high clarity. These films are also used in DID screens, kiosk panels and electronic boards to offer maximum visual effect. These resins are bubble free, have high flexibility and promote quick curing. They are used in making ripple free bonds that also help in increasing the strength of the panels. Due to their availability in different viscosity they can be used for different purposes and on different substrates. The application of these UV curable clear resins is extensive and Bestroom Co. Ltd. holds the infrastructure to meet any level of OCR demand. 

Bestroom Co. Ltd, the optical clear adhesive manufacturer in korea also produces other high quality UV products such as BS210, BSRF50/70, and UVLAM in order to ensure that the clients get a complete solution for their UV system needs.

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