Going Abreast with DC Welding Machines and Functions

Posted by postechcoltd on September 27th, 2014

The use of welding machine is most apt for soldering or for the work of joining. A TIG welding machine can either use alternating current or direct current to render its performance. A DC TIG welding machine is that unit, which runs on direct current and is applied for aluminum welding or high-alloy steels. Packed with comprehensive control functions, such a unit enables to facilitate the working functions of the user while working with the welder and also ensure reliable and consistent EWM quality. Postech Co., Ltd., a popular DC TIG welding machine manufacturer in Korea has evolved into high quality welding machine manufacturer with specialization in industrial facilities and training equipments. So far, the company has forayed in various realms of providing sound welding services in automobiles, ship-building, electronics, heavy-equipment and so on.

In today’s working scenario, a DC welding machine invites a lot of utilities and advantages that a user is looking for.

The Function of Welding

It is the sculptural process or fabrication that aids to join material like thermoplastics and metals. Welding follows the process of melting the various work pieces and then adding a kind of filler material so as to form molten material. This eventually cools to harden and become a very strong joint by exerting pressure combined with heat to produce the weld.

As has already been mentioned, a DC welding machine uses unidirectional flow or movement of electric charge usually produced from a source, such as solar cells or thermocouples or batteries. Defined as a power system that applies one polarity of current or voltage, DC is referred to zero-frequency and constant value or the current or voltage. A DC solution is described as that particular solution wherein all currents and voltages are constant. In case of a DC welding machine there is a rectifier that aids in converting AC (Alternating current) into DC.

Welding power supplies actually use alternators and generators so as to convert mechanical energy into that of electrical energy. Remember, the modern machines come packed with an internal combustion engine wherein the utility power is converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy so as to achieve the same effect that of a transformer. The output of these generators is DC current that are used for actually implementing variations as formerly-used, now known as TIG, for producing higher frequency current directly.

Yet again, the market today is witnessing the advanced features of a CO2 welding machine.

What is Co2 welder?

Integrated with latest technology, the Co2 welding machine comes in modular constructional finish and allows for spatter-free and smooth welding support. It ensures longer services life and reliable usage to those who want to enjoy powerful and efficient performance of the welding machines. It appears in robust design and is easy to use. Developed and manufactured in accordance with industrial and international quality standard, the units use latest technology thus bringing in consistency in welding quality and speed without any compromises. No wonder, these machines have received wide acclaims in the competitive market. 

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