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Thru tubing ? a job for experts

Posted by jennycooper on September 28th, 2014

The entire human civilization is dependent on oil and natural gas. Imagine what would happen if the production of these two essential items is stopped even for a day. The entire world economy will come crashing down. This is the reason the oil and natural gas companies constantly look for new wells from where enough production is possible to match the demands from across the globe. Thru tubing plays a critical role in the production of oil and natural gas. With the various thru tubing tools, the companies engaged in this segment are able to facilitate the production of these two items.

Why is thru tubing so important in oil and natural gas production? It is because the companies that work in this segment are able to clear wellbores through which these two elements are drawn out.

But the job is easier said than done. When a hole is drilled through the heart of the earth, it creates a lot of debris. And a lot here means a lot. The debris generated could measure in tonnes. Without proper thru tubing tools, it is virtually impossible to clear out this debris.

But why clear this debris? Simply because the extraction job cannot start otherwise. When a wellbore is drilled, it gets choked by all the debris that accumulates during the drilling process. This means that the path for extraction is sealed off and it has to be cleared. The thru tubing companies are engaged in performing this job. They use modern machinery and other tools to make sure that the path is clear and the oil and natural gas is able to come out for storage.

There are times when fresh debris chokes an existing wellbore. This is a common occurrence and this problem is faced by most of the oil and natural gas extraction companies. This fresh debris could generated due to various reasons, but the important point to note is that it has to be cleared fast and cleared efficiently. With proper thru tubing tools, these companies are able to do this job.

The thru tubing tools in use are of different types. There are tools that use fluid technology to clean the insides of wellbores. There are tools that use fluid blasts and jets to remove scales, gunks, sludge, cakes and paraffin and clear the insides of wellbores. There are tools that are used to retrieve any fish that gets stuck or dropped inside a wellbore. And there are tools that are used for the treatment of wellbores. All these tools are highly required because without these being in use, no oil or gas company would be able to get the wellbores producing optimally. And this could mean huge losses for them.

There are specialist thru tubing companies that are engaged in all these jobs mentioned here. This is an outsourcing job with special abilities. They use the most modern and technologically advanced thru tubing tools to clear wellbores quickly and efficiently. Some of these companies can be found online and hired.

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