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Posted by articlelink01 on September 29th, 2014

When you thought iPad can’t get better than iPad 4, Apple releases iPad air which is the epitome in terms of thinness, lightness, beauty and efficiency. It proves the point that the simpler and clean the device is at its prime facie the more esoteric it gets in terms of the components used and placed as jigsaw puzzles. The components are placed in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to disassemble them. The foam sticky tape is used to attach the LCD to the front panel which makes it almost impossible to part the two of them and the glass can get cracked if you try to open it. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for a layman (including the curious and ingenious engineers who like to open up every single device they find in their house and repair them) as all the parts are strongly glued to each other. However, It solves the problem of weight to such an extent that it is possible for even a child to carry it with one hand and I’m not exaggerating! And yes, this is the right time to think that if it is that easy for your child to carry it, it must be easier for him to drop it.

As indestructible and well-built it may seem, iPad air sure can suffer various problems like breaking of the screen, malfunction of the home button, the touch and the speakers and the most common being dropping it in the water or any other liquid due to various reasons.

Here’s when the iPad repairs become important. Also, speedy iPad screen replacements and other repairs have become the need of the time. Fix apple now, Inc. being one of the specialists in iPad air repair Weston, helps in dealing with such problems at low costs and it also gives a 3 month warranty. The quality of parts used is top notch.
If your life goes dead without the Facebook updates or important work mails for even a day, iPad repair Weston is where you need to rush to.

Unlike iPad, it is easier to disassemble iPhone and solve petty problems like the freezing of the phone, WiFi problems and home button issues to a certain extent. However, some problems like the cracking of the screen and malfunction of the LCD can only be repaired at service centres. Fix iPhone screen Miami helps you make your life easier.

It becomes difficult to change your phone again and again as you have important stuff in your phone or sometimes you are too attached to your iPhone because you took the latest model and were proud of it. You wouldn’t want to change it just because the phone slipped from your hand in the worst of times and you destroyed the screen. Fix iPhone screen in Miami service centres for speedy and guaranteed repairs of your beloved iPhone.

iPad air repair Weston  helps you to get your iPad in the perfect working conditions in the least time possible and it also lets you fix iPhone screen Miami -   and many parts of it and gives back a durable and an efficient iPhone to you.

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