Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1Best Legendary 1H Sword: Rimeheart and fastest Diablo 3 go

Posted by Cassandra27 on September 29th, 2014

Before Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 was implemented , the two best weapons in the game were The Furnace and Rimeheart. People on the PTR were clearing level 100 Greater Rifts on solo runs with a Rimeheart or a Furnace combo’d with an Exploding Palm technique.

Nerfed, as expected

But, as the game goes, nerfs have been applied. Now, the monk skills only proc up to 6000+++% of weapon damage and the scaled damage based on enemy life numbers has been changed. So after the nerf, which weapon still reigns supreme?

It’s over 9000!

As of posting, the Rimeheart is still the 1-handed weapon of choice

The new Rimeheart now procs at 10%. It delivers 10,000% weapon damage to enemies that are Frozen, so it’s begun to have quite the following with 2-man teams in Greater Rifts. The highest level 2-man team involves a monk and a demon hunter always using a Rimeheart and the Marauder pet build. Combining this weapon with a Demon Hunter’s cold skills and other freezing gear and skills, you’ve got a semi-Crushing Blow at 10%.

For 3 and 4 man teams, that’s a different story. The current top player for Greater Rifts is a Barbarian in a party with a Fire gear set.

So where do you farm the Rimeheart?

Sadly, it doesn’t come from the Rift boss called Rime, even if that’s what I initially thought.

It can drop anywhere at a 1% drop rate. It starts dropping at level 31 and can be found on both Normal and Torment levels. It’s one of the rarest items in the game as it should be, even if they nerfed it.

The old Rimeheart could only freeze and kill lesser enemies instantly. This meant that bosses couldn’t be affected by the proc, which dismayed people who farmed. With the new nerf (is it?) the ‘lesser enemies’ restriction has been removed and you can now hit any monster for 10,000% weapon damage.

Rimeheart builds?

The best combo for this sword is Frostburn for your gloves, which enhances your Cold skills to freeze instead of slow enemies. When you get to higher Greater Rifts, the white mobs are going to be as deadly as the bosses.

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