Understanding what is Gate Valve, the Types of Valves and Associated Functions

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A gate valve is described as a kind of sluice valve, which is capable of opening any rectangular or round wedge/gate by means of lifting. The gate valves are particularly used when straight-line flow of fluid along with minimum restriction is most required. The faces of the gate valves are in shape of wedges or in parallel form that are used to either permit or prevent flow of liquid. Nonetheless, typical valves are not used for regulating flow of liquid unless they are designed for that purpose. There are different types of gate valves, such as, slide gate valves, knife gate valves, special valves, and butterfly valve and swing gate valves.

Donghae Valve, popularly recognised as a knife gate valve manufacturer in Korea meets demands and requirements of the market with its brilliant technology and extensive experience of manufacturing different types of gate valves. Here, let’s have a look at what is a slide gate valve.

Functions of Slide gate Valve

A slide gate valve can be used in very narrow space without feeling the crunch. It is possible to install the machine since it is lightweight and is capable of controlling very little power. Chances of piling up of slurry at the bottom of the machine’s seat are not possible due to its superb technology and smooth functioning. This kind of valve finds its application in thermal power and fresh water plant, sewage treatment plant, in oil and gas plant, in purification plant and in hydroelectric power plant. 
Functions of Knife Gate Valve

In case of highly thick liquid, a Knife gate valve is used to cut through the stubborn thickness. These kinds of valves are mostly used in petroleum industries wherein the flow path is enlarged at the opening of the gate valve in a nonlinear manner. This actually indicates that the flow rate of the thick liquid does not alter evenly. Besides, there is a partial open gate disk that vibrates when the fluid is flowing. Knife gate valves find its application in process applications, power and mining apart from petroleum industry. These valves are manufactured with polymer seated, resilient elastomer seated or metal seated knife gates to ensure perfect and apt design for toughness and durability.

Functions of Swing Gate Valves

The swing fate valve is available with pneumatic, electric and mechanical actuation. This aids in closing the sealing of the valve so as to shut off air intake flow through the engine. This valve can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientations and applied in places where air intake line is between one and half; and 8 inches in diameter.

Donghae Valve, a swing gate valve manufacturer in Korea uses precise technology and advanced features to bring products which stand at par excellence. The company assures sufficient level of stocks for producing each valve with intricate technology that is required.
While you will find a number of gate valve manufacturing companies in the market, choosing the best from the lot is a matter of discerning choice.

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