Betel Nut Food For Joy Or Risk To Health?

Posted by Claire Smith on January 25th, 2021

Betel nut is also known as “Paan” in Asia, or Areca nut in scientific terms. The beetle nut is a stimulant drug which means it speeds up the messages traveling between the brain and body. The betel nuts are traditionally wrapped in leaves with limestone paste and chewed much like tobacco

These nuts are also used similarly as caffeine since it has a sweet and spicy taste. The nut is a mild stimulant that causes a sense of alertness and is used in Ayurvedic, and traditional Chinese medicine for purifying treatments

The betel nuts are widely grown in much of tropical Pacific, Southeast, and also in few parts of South Asia.

As the title suggests, betel nut is food for fun since many people like eating betel nuts Paan at festive occasions, so here betel nuts suppliers are widely approached by many people to add as a side snack on festive occasions

Here are some top health advantages of betel nuts;

Health Benefits of Betel Nuts

The betel nut is both good, yet harmful for health depending on how much we consume. However, some notable health benefits include;

  • It’s impacting alertness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Euphoria
  • Salivation
  • Stamina boost

Also, the betel nut is used to stimulate appetite and increase saliva flow for digestion. And, it has been also used for alleviating symptoms of excessive heat. Besides, betel nut is used for treating eye disorders such as glaucoma, detoxify the body

It is also used as a treatment for removing parasites' kale worms. It is also used as an instant solution for bad breath and prevent phlegm.

Betel nut can stimulate gastrointestinal activity helping with flatulence or constipation. It is often chewed before traveling to prevent nausea, and stroke

How Betel Nut Can Be Risk to Health?

Apart from the noteworthy health advantages of betel nuts, there are some harmful side effects of consuming betel nuts as well apart from most oral cancer. The consistent or excessive use of betel nuts can result in the following;

  • Stomach ulcer
  • Heart disease
  • discoloration of gums and teeth can also turn teeth into reddish-brown.
  • mouth ulcers and gum disease
  • Submucous fibrosis (condition occurs before mouth cancer)

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