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Posted by ugfanfan on September 30th, 2014

Beijing Jingshan Park, an attractive royal landscape garden, is situated within the center downtown of Beijing. Covering an area of 230,000 sq. meters, the park stands on the central position of the south-north axis of Beijing and faces the north gate of the Forbidden City. The summit of Jingshan Hill is the highest point of Beijing. Trying from the height, the visitor is in a position to urge a full and clear read of the Forbidden City.

During the Chinese dynasties, Jingshan Park of Beijing served as an imperial garden and was properly laid out during the Ming Dynasty when varied trees were planted as well as several palaces and pavilions were designed for the emperors to make sacrifices to their ancestors. As a result, the royal families continuously enjoyed amusements here. Then, in 1928, it had been opened to the general public. Later, after 1949, the park was absolutely rebuilt, with the roads paved and most of the buildings renovated. Now, Beijing Jingshan Park becomes one amongst the National “AAAA” Scenery Spots in China and a place must to visit for guests to Beijing.

The Jingshan Hill has 5 summits, and there's a pavilion on every summit. In each pavilion, there was originally placed a copper Buddha statue, which represented the 5 tastes, namely, sour, sweet, bitter, acrid and salt. It’s a pity that they were all looted by foreign troops throughout the war in 1900. Upon passing through the front gate of the Jingshan Park, guests will see the Qiwang Pavilion, embraced by the vigorous cypresses. Surrounded by white marble balustrades, the two-storied pavilion with its golden-glazed roof seems quite dignified. This was originally the place for emperors to worship Confucius. Among the 5 pavilions, the Wanchun Pavilion, on the center of the 5 summits, sits at the hill's central position, and also the best central position in Beijing. It’s an ideal place to view the complete landscape of Beijing. From this pavilion, guests are able to see the resplendent and sumptuous Forbidden City in the south, Beihai Park and White Dagoba Temple in the west, the dignified Bell and Drum Towers in the north.

Jingshan Park of Beijing additionally boasts some charming natural scenery with a planted space within the park of concerning 1100 sq. meters. This park is that the biggest peony garden in Beijing and every year, when the twenty thousand peony roses of some two hundred varieties are in full bloom, the park displays an exquisite and colorful scene. Guests who have an interest in flowers can choose some rare and famous varieties to please themselves. We tend to hope you relish your tour to Jingshan Park once you are in Beijing.

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