Runescape gold & OSRS numbers and it makes sense

Posted by limmzhou on January 25th, 2021

You are not adding additional income, product at 2.6m and advertising revenue at 225k. Add them into the Runescape gold & OSRS numbers and it makes sense.

It is quite interesting that the massive boom in OSRS inhabitants did little to halt the decline of MTX revenue; I'm inclined to believe that 2019 was way, far worse for RS3's MTX compared to stats (along with the document) say .

OSRS is obviously doing gangbusters. No real surprise there, the game has been doing incredibly well and everyone understands it.

I'd recommend getting cautious, though; I recall a couple of months ago there were rumors that the bigwigs were starting to look to OSRS since the future as a result of financials, and this kind of data would actually encourage that talk.

Recall that Matt K and Ash had to go to bat to make them realize that trying to MTX the match would be a terrible idea even BEFORE Buy OSRS gold was half as good as it is now. Positive attention is not always good.I think with the amount of new devs they have hired this year, as well as MikeD saying that they want to double the size of the dev group, I'd say that the management has indeed understood that OSRS is their strongest product currently.

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