Considerations you should make when choosing cloud based phone system

Posted by itgoldsolutions on January 25th, 2021

Cloud based IT solutions does not need businesses to anymore install premise-based phone systems. The question that remains in the end is choosing the best and right cloud phone system for the business. Let’s see the essential elements to consider when making that decision.

Why do you want to change to cloud phone system?

Maybe you are trying to decrease costs or enable more flexible working system for your business. Other reasons may include good collaboration, improved scalability or to decrease the risks of data breaching.

Cloud based IP office systems can accomplish these goals and more. The crucial point is to decide on the benefits that will provide the most value for your business and create a strategic plan that supports your goals.


What are you expecting from the system?

Cloud based antivirus protection Brisbane offers a consistent user experience on any device from any location! You can easily overcome confusions and inconveniences with cloud based solutions, which allows you to make and receive calls on various devices using your desk phone number. For instance, you can easily answer calls to your desk phone on any device. Hence, you won’t miss any calls during business hours, even if you are working remotely. You don’t need to juggle multiple numbers or give your personal phone number. If anyone calls you after business hours or when you are on another call, the voicemail-to-email feature will automatically transcribe your voicemail message and email it to you.

Cloud communication has driven the development of Unified Communications-as-a-service, which mixes popular voice, email, video conferencing, chat and text into a single cloud app. Thus, it enables remote teams to collaborate, respond to customers and maintain projects on track.

What types of services and solutions to be integrated into the chosen system?

Cloud based solutions like Vonex Yealink IP Phones are integrated with the business website and customer relationship management system to enable smooth delivery of marketing and customer engagement strategies. If you run a contact center, then an integrated cloud phone system can increase key performance metrics, improve productivity and add flexibility. Workers don’t need to be in the premises to use all the features of a cloud based system. Likewise, you don’t need to run a contact center in a physical location. It enables agents to work remotely. They can access instantly to the complete history of particular customer interactions and move from voice to text to chat without juggling apps. Besides this, calls that don’t need human involvement can be easily managed by an interactive voice response system.

Security of a cloud based phone system

Earlier, security was a top concern during the launch period of cloud systems. Today, the VoIP systems include strong security protocols as part of their services and security monitoring by the provider to forbid attacks or misuse of services. You should account for compliance. Check if the cloud service provider and system meet your compliance demands. The experience history of the service provider in the industry should be checked. Check if the service provider can meet modern compliance requirements. You should get strong answers to these questions before choosing cloud system for your Yealink conference phones

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