The Complete Overview About Industrial Wireless Sensor Network

Posted by UbiBot on January 25th, 2021

The Industrial Wireless sensors or the WSN can control an industry's physical and environmental conditions without the need for any major infrastructure. There are a lot of physical conditions which WSNs can configure, and few them includes motion, temperature, humidity, pressure, and pollutants. The industrial managers can easily have access to the conditions with the help of a digital screen and fast-paced environment. 

A base station or the sink acts as a junction between where the users can observe and read the data. Anyone who gets access to the platform can find their way to read and analyze the data with the help of a sink. Some industries also use the wireless tags apart from the wireless sensor networks to predict and determine the location of the pallet out of thousands of pallets present in the industrial warehouse. 

What is a typical Industrial wireless sensor made up of?

Well, a typical industrial wireless sensor offers room to hundreds of sensor nodes which can communicate among themselves with the help of radio signals which is similar to the human nervous system. Apart from the sensor nodes, the industrial wireless sensors also offer room to sensor computing devices, radio transceivers, and diverse other power components. 

Moreover, the individual processing speed of WSN or wireless sensor network is limited alongside the communication bandwidth. Once all the parts of the WSN are aligned, one can easily start the self-organized communication system. Let us discuss some of the key applications of wireless sensor networks.

Key applications of the wireless sensor networks 

1. Environmental activities: One of the prominent applications of the WSN sensors are in forest detection activities like tracking wild-animals and flood source detection. They can also predict weather and various other commercial applications within a bio-secure bubble.

2. Military: One of the best applications of the wireless sensor networks is in the military applications for tracking and monitoring the safety at borders. One can also use them for surveillance applications and in any field of interest due to their durability and reliability. 

3. Health Sector: One can also use the wireless sensor networks in the health industry to monitor the patients' condition and for various other applications.

4. Industrial monitoring: The wireless sensor networks can be a great investment to monitor various industrial processes from manufacturing to storage and in the entire supply chain till the product reaches in the hands of desired consumers. 

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