Understanding Calcium for Dogs

Posted by adwardsmith on January 25th, 2021

Calcium is an important building block for the development of bones and teeth. In addition to this, the mineral plays other important roles in the body. Calcium must be consumed from food and is not made in the dog’s body. Luckily, excess calcium is stored in the bones. And depending on use, the mineral is withdrawn from the bones on a daily basis.

How is calcium important?

Calcium alone cannot work to bring the desired results without the other minerals. Normally, calcium works along with magnesium to achieve the perfect mineral balance in your tyke’s body. On the other hand, vitamin D is essential for the absorption of minerals in the dog’s body. Therefore, having the right amount and balance of calcium in your fido’s body is very important. If there is an imbalance of calcium, your dog may develop some serous medical issues. For example, shortage of calcium can cause a condition called hypocalcaemia in your cur. On the other hand, excess calcium can cause conditions such as kidney and adrenal gland failure.

As we said above, whenever there is a shortage of calcium in mongrel’s body, the system withdraws it from the reserves in the bones and teeth. Unfortunately, this leads to a deficiency of calcium in the bones and if left unchecked, can cause serious problems such as bone weakness and joint pains. The condition also puts your dog at the risk of developing fractures. Looking for calcium for dogs? visit www.thefashionablehousewife.com to know more about it.

The role of calcium in your hound’s body

Calcium is very important for your dog. It helps in the development of nails, teeth and coat. Below, we will look at the different situations in which calcium is needed in the body.  

•    Digestion
•    Blood clotting
•    The development of the skeletal structure
•    The formation of bones and cartilage.
•    Maintenance of a healthy heartbeat
•    Enhancing nerve function
•    Relaxing muscles

The natural sources of calcium

Most dog food manufacturers include the daily requirement of calcium in their products.  In fact, mutt food is the best source of calcium for your furry friend. However, before purchasing the food item, you need to check the label to establish the amount of calcium available. It is also recommended to check for the other nutrients in the food.  

Alternatively, you can use natural sources of calcium. Food items such as legumes, vegetables and fish can be rich sources of calcium. The idea is to provide your fido with a rich supply of calcium so that it can live healthy and strong. With enough calcium, your cur will have strong bones and teeth. This is especially for young pups who are rapidly growing, pregnant mongrels and breast feeding tykes. All these situations require a lot of calcium.

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