Can I Replace My Garage Door's Spring?

Posted by Secure for Sure on January 25th, 2021

Garage door spring carries a massive responsibility as they have to take the weight of the door. When you lower the entrance to the ground, it creates tension between the spring & the door. As a certain period approaches you, the anticipation of spring uplifting will be taken care of by the professional.

Garage door springs are responsible for the movement of the door. Either by the hand or by the automatic engine fix in the door. Yet the spring has minimal efficiency, and it gets expired after a specific time. Even you purchased a quality spring; it will lose its efficiency after a limited life span. The door will open at least 3 to 4 times a day.

You will ultimately learn that the door's spring has broken down once the garage door refuses to open either by hand or opener. Without the force or support of spring, the weight of the door will become twice to open.

It is easy to replace the door spring; however, it is a dangerous task for you. Based on the spring type in your garage door, you can return it with the required skills. However, it would be best to have a garage door spring replacementto make your work easier.

Examine the Door spring

It is easy to identify the type of spring you have in your garage door. There are different types of springs, but you will easily track them. One is torsion spring, and another is extension spring. Once you look at your garage door, you will quickly differentiate the type of spring you have.

Suppose the spring in your door system is long and operates parallel to the tracks. Then these springs are known as extension springs. Whereas torsion springs are a little fatter and place on the metal rode next to the door.

Replacement of Garage Door spring

The real question that comes to your head is- can you replace the spring on your own? The answer is how confident & skilled you are. Identify the spring type and then decide whether you can do it on your own or not. Because it also includes some danger due to the heavy weightage of the door.

If you are pretty confident with garage door spring replacement, then you can proceed further. You must possess the skill set of confidence, DIY, and of course, some knowledge. Remember one thing; if you lack experience, you will fail in the task. Your garage door will become useless neither it will operate.

Moreover, if the door's springs are not installed accurately, it leads to safety hazards. Over time, the risk of falling the door at any time will increase rapidly.

Get professional Services

Getting a helping hand from a professional is not a bad idea. It is only about spending a few bucks on the safety of your own. Also, your door will start working efficiently within no time. Secure Garage offers garage door spring replacement service. With the assistance of an expert, your door will operate smoothly.

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