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Posted by samrojseo on September 30th, 2014

The roadmap of the country’s economy is prominent due to the contribution of the big business houses. In the case of Nepal too, few business houses have immensely contributed towards the growth and development of the country. In the current age, trade is the tool that is vital for the development of any country. That is why every country is emphasizing much more on trade and commerce. In Nepal, one of the finest in trading group is the Vishal Group. Vishal Group has employed more than 10000 employees all over the country with many other branches all over South Asia. They are expert on distributing and promoting different products all over Nepal. Trade is one such component that is vital for emerging economies.

There are a number of reasons why the turnover in the market has increased drastically over the years. People all over the globe interested in the trading world have now understood the importance of the market and thus have made the markets as a niche class for the consumers. As products have spread geographically throughout the places, there are high frequencies and the trading activity has increased significantly.

 One of the important market segment known as the retail investors has emerged which is another reason for the increased market turnover. Market liquidity is increased with the help of electronic execution and has attracted many new customers.

Another reason for the customer growth is also the convenience of online dealing via the web sites of the company. There is no central exchange in the market and the market is generally over-the-counter market where the brokers and dealers with one another can negotiate directly.

In the United Kingdom, the market has the biggest geographic trading center, which has attracted many of the customers from the UK. There are many commercial companies which are linked to the market only because of its reputation and these commercial companies have a severe impact on the market rates.

Many of the central banks around the world have played an important role in the market where the banks always have some of the official and unofficial target rates for some of the specific currencies. Another feature of trading is the exchange fixing, where the daily monetary exchange rates are fixed. The market has really helped the central banks in fulfilling their objectives and that is the real reason for such a strong bonding between them. The market has also provided aid to the non-bank foreign exchange companies and has also helped in the growth of such small scaled companies.


Vishal Group has been doing some wonderful works in Nepal in the sector of distributing, promotion and several others.

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