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Posted by wecanmedia on October 1st, 2014

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm but what is it exactly? For those who aren’t entirely computer literate, digital marketing can seem as unknown as the twilight zone so we decided to get the low on DIGITAL MARKETING MANCHESTER based experts Wecan Media.

First lets start by explaining what digital marketing definitely is not. It certainly isn’t about logos or a visual identity and it definitely isn’t about big celebrity endorsements or sports team sponsorships. Digital marketing is actually more about the sum of our online experiences. The online experiences may be influenced by logos and sponsorship but it must be understood that marketing is much more than just advertising.

Marketing has essentially changed because of digital media. Digital has now led a two-way communication between the brands and their consumers. In actual fact most of the communications don’t even involve the brand anymore and is actually directly between consumers. If you take the time to read websites such as Tripadvisor you’ll realise that what consumers say to each other is far more important that what the brand says itself. It also highlights that the number of different online interactions we have before making a purchase are increasing. This has occurred as a result of us seeking more sources of information.

The days of putting your product in a shiny box and dropping it in the hands of a celebrity to complete your marketing efforts are over. The shifts to digital marketing rather than broadcast means traditional marketing methods are no longer sufficient. We now need to understand how search, social media and mobile are changing the ways our audience perceives us and how it changes the way in which they make purchases. Every experience that your target demographic has of you is marketing in some way, shape or form. From a call centre employee’s tone of voice to the type of paper your business card has been printed on. The fundamental shift however means all of these things are tied together by an online experience.

Let’s face it, what do you do after you see an advert on the TV or in print? Well nearly 50% will use their smartphone or tablet to search for that product if it interests them. What do you do after a poor experience from a call centre? Nearly 40% will jump onto social media such as Twitter or Facebook to vent frustrations. The reality is that our behaviouris changing, as is the world around us. It’s changing faster than ever thanks to digital technology. Effective marketing now uses these opportunities that technology offers to engage us instead of just talking at us.

Now you can too with the help of Wecan Media, an SEO COMPANY in MANCHESTER. If you’re unsure of what marketing is all about and need help with DIGITAL MARKETING then give Wecan Media’s MANCHESTER office a call today and turn your business around for the better.

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