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Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 25th, 2021

When it comes to the marketing requirements of a company, more often than not there’s a need for flexibility to implement the changes in strategy as soon as possible.  

Companies that operate on a large scale want to focus more on their operations and outsource their marketing plans to other marketing agencies. But, a more pressing question then comes to the fore-  

What kind of company will market you just the way you want? 

There are two major kinds of companies that you will actually explore- a boutique marketing agency or a full-blown marketing company. A proper deployment of marketing strategies is at the core of choosing the right kind of company for your requirement, and this too, plays a role in taking a final decision on the same. 

To put it neutrally, while a boutique digital marketing agency can offer better levels of personalization, a marketing company can help you in minimizing your budget. 

Nevertheless, we will try to run you down with both these categories so that you can make a better decision for your marketing strategy needs. 

Boutique Marketing Agency 

Let’s try and understand boutique agencies with the help of following points-

  • A boutique marketing agency refers to an marketing company that operates with a small group of individuals, offering a better level of customized services. 
  • Such an organization focuses more on delivering better value to the clients and also the different niche categories in which they operate. With a limited portfolio and client-base, the work of boutique agencies tend to be highly creative and result-oriented.
  • Because of this, boutique companies can stream their resources in a more organized way to better fulfill the expectations of their clients. 
  • They operate through a single office, have less overhead expenses and don’t have the experience of working with highly renowned brands. However, they still have a healthy set of compact B2B and direct-to-customer companies that they have served over their course of time.
  • The smaller companies as clients is an opportunity for large companies to avail the services of boutique companies, simply because their customer support module is designed in a manner that puts client satisfaction as a priority. 

Marketing Agency/Company 

As far as full-blown marketing agencies go, here are some points that describe about them and their working-

  • A professional marketing agency or company involves a high number of skilled professionals, offering a whole suite of marketing services for a large number of clients.
  • Such a marketing company has a multitude of clients across different domains and niches, but offer a consistent level of their services through its large range of available resources and infrastructure.
  • In a marketing agency, there is a predefined hierarchy for everything, allowing for a more organized level of operations.
  • A renowned marketing company has a portfolio that’s loaded with big company names as clients. This leads to a better image of the company when it comes to delivering proper marketing output as per the specifications of onboarded clients. 

Why a Boutique Marketing Agency is Actually Becoming a Feasible Choice 

When it comes to a boutique marketing agency, they were generally termed as ‘small’. Today, the relevance of boutique agencies is much more pronounced. The creative power that they bring to the fore with a limited but specifically skilled force is something that has started attracting a lot of companies to them. 

Here are a few reasons why a boutique digital marketing agency is becoming a very popular choice for companies-

  • Better Attention

With a boutique agency, you open yourself up to better levels of personal attention. Because the team here is close-knit, communication is more easier and clear.

  • Enhanced Creativity

Boutique companies do not have multiple strategies as their back-up. For a new client, the brainstorming is an entirely new process. This leads to more creativity in designing the perfect marketing strategy for every single client.

  • Mutual Growth

Small businesses and boutique agencies have one thing in common- growth as their motive. In such an arrangement, this collaboration acts as a motivation for both the involved parties.  

These are some of the reasons why a boutique marketing agency is becoming popular. As to which one you need to choose, that will always depend on your set of preferences. If a marketing strategy high on creativity and uniqueness is your wish, then go for a boutique digital marketing and creative agency like Consagous Technologies. 


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