Stay Away From Drug Abuse during Singapore Holiday

Posted by vendelajar on October 1st, 2014

Singapore is a great place to have holiday, but it is good only when you agree to follow all the rules applicable over here. This city is full of fun but also makes sure that the rules and regulations are followed in the right manner. Nobody is allowed to break the rules no matter to which class they belong, whether they are localites or foreigners or travelers. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Therefore, make sure to understand the rules and regulations applicable in Singapore before coming over here.

All these things will keep you safe from all kinds of troubles while making your holiday a pleasant experience. Although most of the laws and regulations are decent in Singapore but there are a lot of things which needs to be considered in right manner. You need to be prepared for them by learning them. Some of the things, which are legal in foreign country, are deemed illegal over here. You should make sure not to indulge into all these to stay safe. One such aspect is drug abuse.

Drug abuse is seen as a serious crime in Singapore; hence, everyone who is planning to be in Singapore must stay at par with it. It is not justified to say that you are foreigner and were not aware of the law applicable in the country. It is better to talk to the Top Singapore law firms of there are some misconceptions about the laws. As far as it concerns the drug abuse laws in Singapore, there are a couple of things which must be considered by a person.

It is considered as an offence to manufacture, traffic, export or import, consumption or possession of the controlled drugs in Singapore. If anyone is found to be indulged into, something like this can be punished severely. Even though a person has consumed controlled drug outside the borders of Singapore, he will be deemed punishable for the act. The police will not require any warrant for search, therefore if they come up for a surprise search, do not question them.

Cultivation of plants of cannabis genus is prohibited as well as those plants from which cocaine can be extracted. There are several other punishable actions related to drug abuse, hence discussing about all of them with the top law firms is very important. This will help you from being safe from all kinds of activities that you must not indulge to regarding drug abuse.

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