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Posted by vendelajar on October 1st, 2014

Are you planning to live in Singapore for long or want to work over here for long period, if yes, knowing about the laws and regulations of Singapore state is more than essential for you. There are several rules and regulations imposed on expatriates as much as they are effective on the localites. If one is found to be guilty in a crime and they claim to be unaware of the rules and regulations, it will not be considered as justified if they claim of not knowing about the law. As it is said ignorance of law is no defense, you need to be aware of every basic law as it is mentioned in criminal law in Singapore:

Crimes which all the expatriates need to avoid during their stay in Singapore: these crimes are not major, but can cause punishment for the expatriates. This category includes Drunk driving, driving while using phone, driving carelessly or recklessly, possessing drugs or consuming unauthorized drugs, theft of any type, shoplifting or computer theft, fraud or forgery, providing false documents in Singapore anywhere, and indulging in underage commercial sex are serious crimes.

Some of the crimes that include canning as punishment are robbery, molestation. Illegal entry to overstaying once the visa expires for over 90 days, vandalism and rape.

Some of the crimes which can attract death penalty on found to be guilty are murder, possession of firearms without permission, kidnapping and manufacturing, importing, exporting, trafficking drugs above than the allowed amount.

The accused will be arrested within short period after the accusation or on being found guilty. He or she can be detained for about 48 hours without any permission for accessing telephone or even the counsel. After the detention period the accused will have to ask any permanent resident of Singapore for signing the bail otherwise they will not be granted one. After the bail accused is released to go but his or her passport is detained hence they are not allowed to leave the country.

If one wishes to go abroad they can have the passport by providing the bail amount, travel details and abiding by all the conditions mentioned in the bail. When you are detained by the police or are about to be done, it is a must and essential to book a lawyer as soon as possible who can guide you about the criminal law in Singapore and every big or small thing associated with it.

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