How to Prepare Your Pavers Hardscaping for Winter

Posted by Andrea Skoch on January 25th, 2021

There are many benefits of incorporating Pavers Edison in your hardscaping structures. There are many advantages concrete just can’t match compared to pavers. Professionals can use for a number of constructions that include outdoor patios, walkways, entrance area, parking lot, and driveways. There are many alternatives for building large ground areas like asphalt and concrete, paving is one of the preferred choices these days.

Landscapers often consider using brick and natural stone as paving material to give the property classy look. This is another great way of adding style, pattern, and value to a particular space. The best part of pavers is that they are created without mixing any artificial additives. Another advantage of pavers is that you require little maintenance and appear beautiful for the years to come.

Brick and natural stone hardscaping are a great way to add value and beauty to your home. Regular maintenance will ensure the life of your masonry and water garden. With winter fast approaching, checking out these helpful tips to winterize your outdoor investments.

General Cleaning

You can start your preparation for winter by power washing your pavers, masonry and noticeable hardscaping features. This will intercept mold and mildew from fostering as the temperatures drop. If there is existing mold or moss, apply a mixture of bleach and water to the surface before pressure washing. During the late summer and early autumn, weeds tend to pollinate rapidly. Property owners can apply weed killer in adequate volume to ensure weed don’t pop up in the next season. You can also hire landscapers such as Sequoia Land Design for paver maintenance and cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance

The next task should be to remove dead leaves and unwanted debris. Winter snow and frost can cause bricks to displace as it thaws. It’s advised that you fill gaps between bricks and stone tiles with sand. The pavers that are shifted or loose, add adequate sand underneath to fix. Sand allows rainwater and defrosted snow to drain properly without harming your hardscaping.

Winter Supplies

Accumulate on deicer product or rock salt that is specially made for pavers and hardscaping. Low quality rock salt can damage expensive brickwork. It’s better to purchase a good plastic shovel to remove snow piles. Metal shovels can scratch or damage your tiles and paving. When needed, use plastic shovel which also not much expensive. Hard snow on backyard landscaping can effectively seal pavers until temperature increases.

Professional Sealing

For additional protection, ask a landscaping expert about sealing pavers before winter. You may find commercial grade sealers more effective. They can safeguard your valuable hardscaping from mold, mildew, and color fading. Different types sealers come for different masonry work, however, they should applied by trained and professionals for safety reasons. You can Contact- Sequoia Land Design for professional paver sealing and repair job.

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