How to Make Affordable Door Samples for Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by thecabinetspot on October 1st, 2014

The kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of the home to decorate and design. A lot of homeowners spend a great deal of their time and money just to get the right look that they want for this home corner. Worn out kitchen cabinet doors can greatly impact, not only the look but also the value of your kitchen design. If you are not ready to throw out or completely replace your old kitchen cabinets, you can start by re-thinking door designs, which can be very practical if the rest of the cabinets, are still in perfect condition or can still be restored with some minor hammering.

The first thing you should do when ordering door samples is to assess the current design of your kitchen. Good cabinetmakers and suppliers can provide you with the exact same cabinet doors, or at least ones that closely resemble the original piece, but you can also re-think the design, if you want a completely new look for your set-up. Classic door styles never go out of style, although venturing out to more modern styles can also up the value of your home. By contacting a kitchen cabinet supplier, you can more easily take measurements and give all the specifications you need for your kitchen cabinet door sample. Some important things that you should remember when taking measurements include the logistics of the space, the type of architecture and layout the kitchen has and the correct placement of the cabinet doors.

There are many different types of cabinet door styles that you can choose from if you want a stylish design for your kitchen. Remember that cabinet doors are among the most visible elements in a kitchen, therefore careful selection is needed to make them stand out. Here are some popular styles you can choose from:

  • Shaker-style doors – These doors are very common in kitchens today, they use simple and clean lines that emphasize utility. Shaker cabinet doors are essentially flat panels, which are perfect for minimalist style kitchens.
  • Louvered doors – These doors make use of horizontal wood slats that are typically found on windows, interior doors, and furniture pieces. They add a very distinct architectural style to any kitchen cabinetry. The slats have spaces in-between, making these doors ideal for cabinets requiring ventilation.
  • Flat doors – If you want a sleek, minimalist look with hard lines, flat panel cabinet doors are the perfect choice. These are commonly found in contemporary interiors and they often use decorative laminates or woods in different sheens and colors.

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