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Posted by elitekhandental on October 1st, 2014

Elite Khan Dental has been correcting smiles for many years and just some of those smiles have been corrected using their two orthodontic options, Cfast Braces and the Inman Aligner. For some however, the mere thought of adult orthodontics leaves them will a multitude of questions before they have even set foot in Dr Khan’s consulting room. To help with this, we’ve set out a list of frequently asked questions about the Inman Aligner BRACES at their MANCHESTER dental clinic which will hopefully cover some of your queries giving you a better insight into the revolutionary treatment and just what it can do for you.

Is it comfortable to wear?

As with every single piece of orthodontic equipment, it can take a day or too simply to get used to the feel of it in your mouth but after this however, you’ll find that you have no problems wearing it. Many patients even comment on how comfortable it actually becomes.

Will it change my speech?

You’ll find that after just a few days you’ll become familiar with the brace and will be able to talk fine with them in place. You’ll be wearing the braces more than you’ll be without them so it’s often the case of getting used to not wearing them rather than the other way around.

How much do I need to wear them?

If you want the Inman Aligner to work correctly then you must wear it everyday for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day. Any less and the treatment could take a lot longer to complete than first advised. It should however be removed before eating and it’s advised that you clean your teeth before putting it back in. It’s perfectly fine to remove the brace for photos and special occasions, just be mindful of the time frame.

Is it similar to invisible braces?

The Inman Aligner is used to straighten the front teeth as opposed to the entire mouth. It’s because of this that the Inman Aligner is less expensive and much quicker taking around 6-18 weeks whereas an invisible brace can take more than 6 months in some cases.

Who is suitable for an Inman Aligner?

This particular orthodontic treatment is suitable for those who suffer with mild to moderate crowding and/or protrusion of the front teeth. Only a certified Inman Aligner dentist such as Dr Khalid Khan at Elite Khan Dental will be able to confirm suitability.

Is it safe?

It is incredibly safe. When over 20,000 cases were monitored, there were absolutely no cases reported for loss of tooth or root damage.

If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss this or any other one of Elite Khan’s cosmetic treatments such as DENTAL Implants at their MANCHESTER surgery then book a consultation now. Here Dr Khan will be able to assess your individual dental issues and determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for any one of his treatments. For the best quality BRACES in Manchester try Elite Khan Dental, creators of stunning smiles.

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