Is there a difference between web developers and software developers?

Posted by Abdul Rehman on January 25th, 2021

The computer age saw several languages' birth, for multiple purposes (management software, business software, in all possible fields of operation, or almost), before the Internet and websites emerged. At the same time, the first computer programs were created with a soldering iron.

Are these variations still relevant today? A web application or apps, web development or software development?

In this post, with web developers on the one side and software developers on the other, we will try to better understand the development professions' specificities.

What is a software developer?

A software developer is responsible for designing and updating software. It also supports their development. To do this, he analyzes the needs of his customers and transforms them into a programming language. To provide well-functioning software to its customers, it must perform several tests to prevent various bugs. If necessary, he ensures corrective and progressive maintenance of the software. In this way, you benefit from software that meets your expectations and follows technological developments.

The skills and qualities required to become a software developer

A software developer must be proficient in certain programming languages ​​such as Java, Php, and javascript. This does not prevent him from learning other languages ​​like COBOL, C ++, C, Python, Ruby, or Perl.

To become a software developer, developing some personal qualities turns out to be an asset for success in the field, including patience and perseverance. Indeed, software development takes time. Errors can occur from creation to delivery of the software. So you don't have to give up on the way.

Being creative can also be useful in software development. This allows you to set up your codes. Curiosity is also a quality to be possessed as a software developer. This way, you will be up to date with the novelties that exist on the market.

What is a web developer?

Unlike a software developer, a web developer supports the creation of computer programs, applications, and even software. To do this, he considers the needs of his customers and establishes specifications to be followed. Before the site is delivered, he may have to perform several tests to present a functional site to his client. If it presents bugs or errors, it must correct the shot before delivering it.

The web developer should take charge of tracking its creation or ensuring its maintenance to ensure the site's proper functioning. You can also entrust it with your site's sensitive aspect.

The qualities needed to be a web developer

Not everyone can become a web developer. Certain qualifications are essential for success in the field. For example, you must have a good team spirit, good listening skills, creativity, etc.

Web development or software?

The distinction is clear a priori: web development takes place on web technology, while software development consists of developing computer applications, using various languages, programming tools, and development platforms to design new software, correcting existing software, and improving it.

But development professions are no longer those of yesterday. Few developers yet design algorithms to transform them into a programming language.

Thus, development today covers very different realities, such as, for example:

Firstly :

Web developers who develop sites by downloading and configuring CMS and operating on CSS, web developers who use MVCS frameworks and highly efficient development platforms to build complex custom applications,

And on the other hand :

Developers develop software architectures from APIs, libraries, existing software, languages, frameworks, design trends, and Saas components' combination by analysts-programmers.

Different languages, but similar processes

One may go into different fields with creating software, such as web design, interactive design, animation, computer hardware, and computer and tech skills.

For example, web developers, web languages such as PHP, Java or javascript, or CMS (Content management system intended to create a website) such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, or Magento.

There are more computer development languages on the computer development side, and we can cite Fortran, COBOL, C, C ++, C #, Java, and Ruby, Objective-C, Perl, or Python, for example. Over time, new languages have been created for more flexibility and very different uses. Therefore, it is very difficult to know the majority of these languages; it will therefore be a question for the computer developer to specialize in one or more of these codes and to assert his know-how for a type of application or use. in particular.

Thus, web developers and software developers will immediately be opposed by specific knowledge and skills, which may be extremely different. However, where the two businesses meet is in the methodologies used.

Because a development, whether it is a website or software, is above all a project :

  • it must meet needs,
  • follow a schedule,
  • respect a budget,
  • respect constraints,
  • include different production phases,
  • include tests, acceptance, and delivery.

Finally, when the software or website in question is in operation, the developer, whatever his profile, must carry out corrective maintenance (resolution of anomalies) and evolutionary maintenance (changing needs).

Thus, all these stages form a framework of actions and a common philosophy, which allow the two businesses to better understand their requirements and their respective methodologies.

Web or software developer: how to choose?

As you can imagine, hiring a web developer for software development is not relevant, and vice versa (in absolute terms, of course) because each of these occupations comes with its abilities and resources, which can often be very different from one colleague to another, even with similar specialties.

As explained before, it should be stressed the need to identify your own needs before hiring any service provider. In the pre-project process, this is also why careful care must be taken to detail the functional requirements very closely to align them with the expertise of one or more designated service providers.

Finally, it is easier to call on service providers with proven expertise in this area and, in particular, to have already carried out projects similar to yours for outcomes that are as close as possible to your requirements, whether for web development or software development.

Web Development Services supports you in the planning and coordinating of all the stages necessary for implementing your Web Design and Development or application development project, whether it is the drafting of specifications, project management, of its follow-up, of its implementation of the different phases of tests.

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