7 ways to avoid unethical taxi cab service in Venice Beach

Posted by LAYellowCab on October 2nd, 2014

Maybe you have encountered some stories about unscrupulous taxi cab services in Venice Beach, CA. For example, there are dishonest taxi cab drivers who take longer route to their passenger's destination to increase taxi fare, intentionally forget turning on the meter, claim that he has no change or ask for unreasonable tip. Here are some ways you can avoid unethical taxi cab service in Venice Beach:

1. Know the routes, rules and fare

If you are not a resident of Venice Beach, it would be sensible for you to take your time researching about the routes, rules and taxi fares. Know the usual fare from the airport to your accommodation or from your hotel to the Venice Beach Boardwalk or other recreation center around the area. Travel guidebooks or websites usually provide information on taxi fares. Don't forget to write it down so you can refer to it when negotiating fares with your cab Venice Beach driver. If you have a taxi app or GPS, take advantage of these tools to get around the city with ease without being ripped off by unethical cab drivers. Also, get acquainted with their customs, taxi fares and rules in the locality.

2. Check whether the taxi cab is licensed and insured

Make sure that the cab Marina Del Rey you will ride in is licensed and insured. This gives you the assurance that the cab company has passed series of vehicle inspections executed by the local transportation authorities. This taxi West Hollywood usually abides by strict rules and policies of regulating bodies.

3. Get Referrals

If you want to hire a trusted cab Venice Beach, you may ask your friends or relatives if they know any dependable taxi West Hollywood in Venice Beach area. If your friends or family are satisfied with the service of a particular taxi service provider, there is a greater chance that you will also get an excellent service from this cab Venice Beach.

4. Know common taxi scams

Know the usual taxi scams carried out by these dodgy taxi drivers to avoid unethical cab services. Learn the usual taxi tricks from meter fiddling, long hauling, extra charges to money switching.

5. Take note of your vehicle number and taxi West Hollywood driver's name

Always note down the plate number of the vehicle and the cab driver's name before riding a cab Marina Del Rey. Additionally, you can take a picture of the vehicle and other identifying information using your camera or handheld device.

6. Discuss Taxi fare upfront

If you are not familiar with taxi fares and rules in Venice Beach or the taxi doesn't have a meter, discuss the possible fare for your trip before you get in the taxi. There are also taxi apps that allow you to make fare estimation after indicating your pick up locations and your destination. Don't forget to ask if there will be extra charges or giving tip is customary or required.

7. Trust Your Instincts

Trust your intuition. You are always free to walk away and find another cab if you have a hunch that the driver you are currently dealing with is trying to rip you off.

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