Inflatable dock shelters

Posted by kevinowns on January 25th, 2021

Inflatable Dock shelters offer an ultimate energy saving shield for any kind of climate change are there. With a wide variety of models to meet your specific requirements, shelters and inflatable seals it benefits you in all to improve energy efficiency as well as environmental control methods at the loading dock maintaining the pressure on the walls perfectly.

Inflatable dock shelters are always designed to ensure your loading and unloading process goes smooth. Inflatable dock shelters with inflatable coupling systems using an air turbine are provided. The pressures are maintained evenly for the dock shelter to perform correctly and return to its initial position.

Inflatable dock shelters provides a most favorable sealing or shield for cold storage warehouses for any external or internal environmental problem caused . An inflatable dock shelter provides a high level of flexibility and is able to interface with a wide range of vehicle height and width. Inflatable dock shelters provide high ceilings, making them perfect for loading with others in the pharmaceutical, cold storage, food, agricultural, or chemical industries. These dock shelters are incredibly effective products that form an important part of any loading bay. It’s always good to be well aware of the situation to know how difficult it can be to prevent spiking fluctuations in the temperature while opening and closing of the bay doors. The dock shelter is supported with a galvanized safety console, and resistant to all weather conditions.

Durable, long lifespan

As the durable cushions are inflated only after the vehicle is docked, they are not subject to their force, which increases the average lifespan. In the event of a premature vehicle, departure damage is prevented by unique free-moving pillow mounting.

The design

When the cushion is retracted well behind the safety strips with the precipitating design, it does not compromise the aesthetics of the building and allows the driver a clear view during docking.

Full of energy

The economical blower motor maintains pressure during loading and unloading. The speed automatically adapts to the amount of air required. This helps reduce energy consumption.

User friendly

The inflatable dock shelter operates with the use of just one button and can be programmed to your preferred operating order. To ensure optimal effectiveness the loading bay door cannot be opened until the dock shelter is fully inflated.

These dock shelters are an integral part of any facility. Loading dock shelters trimmed large doors for truck opening match. Providing protection for products, they protect from outside conditions, including insects, pests and other variables, address environmental control requirements, and help improve internal temperatures and the worker environment. These dock shelters are designed to withstand heavy impact from trailers and protect your commercial business from damage. The shelter also creates a ground level canopy to protect personnel from the elements during loading and unloading.

By maintaining the temperature inside your building, you will be able to improve the working conditions for your employees, reduce the spread of illness and keep the number of absentees to a minimum - this means that you will morale the workforce will improve, get your deadline and save money.

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