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Instagram is a great application to share your thoughts and imaginations with people with the help of photographs and recordings. The purpose of utilizing Instagram over other online application is that a user does not face any difficulty in the quality of the images or photos. You can share high-quality pictures and recordings of your Stories also. As of late, a few Instagram users detailed that their Instagram stories appear blurry, but the original photo seems of high quality. This does not occur more often, yet it arose as the major issue for some of the Instagram users.

There may be a couple of explanations for this issue. People are asking this question most often therefore we decided to address this issue. Here is an article explaining all the possible reasons in a detailed manner. Read it out and find yours!


Unstable Internet Connection

At the point when you are working by using your mobile internet data or you have a very slow internet connection, the quality of the images or videos on Instagram may be of poor quality. This is the only reason that your stories start appearing blur once they are uploaded.

Moreover, if you have a poor internet connection, maybe your images seem to be of high quality while uploading on Instagram but suddenly become so blur once they are done with uploading. Concerned with all these problems, we enthusiastically suggest you check your internet. If the internet is working perfectly, you may continue using Instagram otherwise either switch to a better internet connection or try to make its signals better.

Unadjusted Instagram settings

Instagram offers its users a feature that if the person is using his sim data, Instagram limits the usage so that limited internet is consumed. Though this proved to be lifesaving sometimes, it serves as a drawback as well. It does help you in saving your MBs to great extent but when it comes to uploading posts and stories, the quality of images or videos may dropdown. And due to this issue, your followers may also be affected.

So, for now, if you experience blurry Instagram stories at any point do follow the tips mentioned in this article.

Use the camera of your Instagram application.

If in any case, your picture is still being a blur, the only option left behind for you is to utilize the camera of Instagram. Maybe the camera has been set to your default camera, check it once and see if it works. Yet, it is believed that most people start getting clear images after using the camera directly from the Instagram app.

Most Instagram users have noticed that uploading stories directly from Instagram have proved to be of high quality. Therefore, most of the users prefer uploading stories directly.

To evade all the issues of blurriness, utilize the application camera itself since it is set according to the need of the application. In basic words, the Instagram camera snaps a photo in an appropriate resolution depending on the application. Accordingly, there is no need for bringing down the quality, and the issue of having blurry stories will be fixed.

Still, if you are not getting a quality image, you should attempt to boost and change the Camera settings. Adhere to these directions:

  • Open the default Camera application on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on the Settings symbol. It's normally on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Change the image size to the highest caliber.
  • Do likewise for the video quality.

Try by Updating the Instagram application

Instagram application refreshes itself when your mobile phone gets associated with a Wi-Fi modem. Now and again, if this does not go the correct way, and the application neglects to refresh naturally. Open the app yourself and refresh manually.

This happens due to the old version of the application as well. So, you ought to get the most recent application as quickly as you get time in order to have the best quality images and videos that you need to post to your stories or posts.


Try to adjust the size of your pictures prior to uploading!

As we talked about previously, Instagram allows you to transfer and post high-quality pictures however there may be a certain limit to it. To be more explicit, Instagram allows you to transfer a photograph with the most extreme nature of 1080 pixels. This implies that your photos are of better quality, at that point, it will get compacted to 1080p, and this may cause them to seem blurry.

To fix this issue, you can resize your photos to 1080p utilizing any other photograph altering application. Picsart, Snapseed, and Adobe Lightroom are probably the best applications to change picture quality. These applications will surely help you out!


After providing the solution to your all problems – all in one solution is using INSTA STORY for seeing and downloading high quality and clear images and videos, Instagram stories, profile pictures, and even the posts.

Open and type the respective username or the hashtag that you are looking for. After opening the desired profile, you can see the clear stories and posts of people that will not be blur anymore. This is a recommended website by many people.

Use it and enjoy its unlimited and super cool features!


So, these were the potential solutions to all your problems of having blurry Instagram stories and posts. Try these and one of these solutions out of these will most likely fix your issue. Nonetheless, if that does not work too, at that point you may have another way to solve this problem. You can report this issue to Instagram by revealing it. To report, just go to settings > help > report an issue. That's it! present the issue and sit tight for a fix. They will surely get back to you to solve your issue.

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