Debunking The 7 Most Common Myths Of Software Development

Posted by Open Space on January 25th, 2021

Presumptions are a non-deniable factor of every industry, including software. Just like stereotypes have surrounded the image of doctors, engineers, singers, software developers, and their job is no exception. A software development company in Mumbai and any other place in the world suffer from these similar presumptions that people throw on them. No matter your thought, let us reveal the reality of a python full stack developer to you by debunking the seven most common myths. 

Myth 1: The Process Of Software Development Is Predictable 

Sometimes, people do not value the things that are beyond their understanding. If you think that developing software is equal to building a house in a linear procedure, then your thoughts are in a completely wrong direction. Software is created to present something new to the user, mostly in the case of custom software. So, there is no room for the right estimation—factors such as feature creep, technological transformation, uncertainty, and external market influence the procedure. For instance, five years were spent developing Microsoft's Windows Vista, which just had a slight upgrade from Windows XP. 

Myth 2: More People Is Equal To More Speed 

People assume the software development process is like any other usual supply chain. People apply common economic principles to handle software development projects. However, according to the famous Brook's Law, complex engineering endeavors like software development are time-consuming. Also, people included later in the project require a lot of time to become truly productive. 

Myth 3: Software Development Is Only About Coding 

Both employers, as well as clients, possess this thought about software developers. Although highly efficient programmers with coding skills are useful, non-technical qualities such as commercial awareness, communication skills, and time management also play an important role in executing the entire process. Apart from logical skills, software development also needs artistic flare. Therefore, an employee of a python web development company can even come across writer's block like artists or authors. 

Myth 4: The Existence Of Silver Bullet Software Development Technology 

It is one of the most dangerous myths in the software development industry because there are mainly four methods followed by a python development company, which include waterfall, agile, lean, scrum, etc. As a developer, you must keep the balance between money, time, and functionality. So, you should take the best bits of every methodology and combine them for the desired output.

Myth 5: The Number Of Certificates Signify The Developer's Quality

Though people tend to judge a person's credibility based on his or her number of certificates, this attitude does not go well with the software development industry. A software development company in Mumbai will analyze a developer's quality according to his or her previous work experience or real-time projects. 

Myth 6: Additional Features Can Be Included Anytime 

Continuous changes in the software development or python website development process signify the lack of planning. So, before including additional resources, you must take care of the three essential elements- Technology, User Experience, and Business. 

Myth 7: You should Put Effort To Access The Most Superior Technology 

Though a software development company in Mumbai always tries to offer its clients the best technology, there is also a disadvantage of over-serving the customer. Presenting more than what is needed does not add any value to the business. So it would help if you considered factors such as user's demands, business returns, and interaction for achieving success. 

Final Verdict 

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