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Posted by Remedymart on October 2nd, 2014

Our face is our identifying mark. We make first impressions to strangers with our face, as well as use our visage as a familiar feature to our loved ones. Any unsightly marks or spots on our face take away from its overall beauty. It can be doubly distressing, then, when you have a cold sores outbreak.

Cold sores may appear on the visage due to a latent reaction or first outbreak of a case of herpes, which may be oral or genital. The case of herpes could also be caused due to a chickenpox virus that is belatedly acting up in the form of rashes. These rashes will almost always heal themselves and clear up in around two weeks time. But is two weeks enough for you to keep yourself away from loved ones? Can you wait for fifteen days before you resume your daily activities? You don’t have to anymore. Valtrex for cold sores helps heal the cold sores quickly and effectively.

How can I use Valtrex for cold sores?

Valtrex works in two forms – in pill form and in cream form. Valtrex cream for cold sores can be used whenever there is a minor outbreak of cold sores on the skin for immediate effect.

Valtrex for cold sores in pill form is to be taken according to the suggestion of your physician. It is available in 500mg and 100mg doses that are taken with or without food in a course determined by your physician. As long as you don’t deviate from your prescribed form of treatment, you should feel the best effects of Valtrex.

Does Valtrex for cold sores have side effects?

Valtrex is a strong acting drug. People often ask, “Does Valtrex work for cold sores?” It does work and it may also work too strongly in some people. The side effects of Valtrex include dizziness, sweating, abdominal cramps, nausea etc. These side effects are usually temporary and disappear after a couple of doses of the medicine. Persistent side effects should be reported to the doctor and use of Valtrex for cold sores should be stopped immediately.

Valtrex cream for cold sores is known to be milder and have less side effects since it is used externally only. If you feel like you want to use Valtrex cold sores cream instead of Valtrex cold sores pills, talk to your doctor about making the switch.

Reviews for valtrex for cold sores:

Jenny Mathews narrates “Valtrex cold sores pills really help clear up regular outbreaks that I had since I was a teenager. I have also used the cream to apply whenever I felt the need. I have never looked back to those blemish-filled days again.”

Nathan Edwards adds his review, saying “I highly recommend using Valtrex for cold sores. It cleared up my case of cold sores about three hours after my first use. Three years later, it is just as effective when I use it. Go ahead, and make Valtrex part of your life too.”

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