Secrets behind Purchasing an Authentic Over Size Persian Rug: Explained

Posted by AxelPrice on October 2nd, 2014

A Persian rug is unquestionably one of the best floor coverings available. And they can be popularly seen in Renaissance paintings. Designed from a combination of oriental art and history, these home décor units are here to stay long. Persian rugs of various shapes, sizes and designs are found in the market. If you wish to cover the entire floor of your room an over size Persian rug will be more suitable in that case. These hand-woven rugs represent an exclusive part of the Persian cultural heritage and art, which is why each design is exclusive in themselves. Over the years 9x12 Persian rug has become a hot commodity for savvy shoppers. And so, in order to meet the demands of homeowners innumerable e-stores have sprung up. Well, not all offer the authentic Persian rugs instead they sell an imitation of the oriental ones.

An authentic oriental Persian rug is expected to be a bit pricier. Companies who offer these items at cheap prices should not be trusted always. However, if you are willing to obtain a real over size Persian rug then you will require considering a few things that are mentioned below:

• If you are looking at the land-based stores, ask the supplier about the origin of the rug. Persian rugs made in places other than Iran are not considered to be authentic. Well, if you wish to purchase these items online just make sure that you read through the product description carefully as then you can know from where the rug have originated.

• It is important to consider the number of knots in the rug per square inch. A high quality Persian rug is likely to have greater number than those that are machine-made. Authentic rugs usually have 300-1500 knots approximately. The minimum knots per square inch “KPSI” in Persian Rug is 300 and the higher quality persian rug starts from 500 KPSI and up to 1500 KPSI. With machine made rugs they use nylon and polyester but Persian rug is weaved with wool and silk.

• After the rug is delivered at your place ensure to check it thoroughly. While you do that take a look how the knots are placed on the rug’s top. Authentic handmade rugs should have a great design connection between the knots. There shouldn’t be any single knot in an original rug though machine-made carpets or rugs do have single knots.

• Now, fold your 9x12 Persian rug in two halves. While doing that if the units flops like a blanket then it is likely to an imitated version of a Persian rug.

• Additionally, consider taking a look at the various angles of corners as well as at the knots’ width. The hand-made item will surely have corners, which are not much square. Moreover, the knots’ size will vary unlike the machine-made ones.

Once you are confirmed that you have received the right delivery pay for the item otherwise you can always ask for change or cancel your order too. This is one of the most significant benefits of buying a Persian rug from an online store as the a few land-based shops do not have any return policy.

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