Tips to Find Whether Your Silk Persian Rug is Authentic

Posted by AxelPrice on October 3rd, 2014

If you are planning to purchase rug for your drawing room, Persian rug can be the perfect choice. Featuring intricate motifs, these rugs are also woven with silk. A silk Persian rug is developed with a combination of the old and the contemporary, meaning they are designed by blending both the traditional and modern art. When placed on the floor they enhance the beauty of your room. Unlike the normal Persian rug, they have a glossy effect. While you decide to buy an original Persian silk rug make sure you do enough research before that.

This type of rug is actually a fibrous protein, which is manufactured out of amino acids. Developed from cocoon of silkworms, the silk is normally harvested after the cocoon is heated to kill the worms. Once it is done, they are unwound spinning into silk yarns. Well, when dyed, the silk fibers are concentrated with colors to give a translucent luster. Remember, silk is one such material which has high tensile strength and thus they are a bit pricier than others.

Authentic or Artificial: Find Out
Closely look at your Persian rug. A true Persian silk rug should be very tightly woven, carefully clipped, should have silk fringe and intricately designed. On the other hand an artificial silk carpet or rug features cotton fringe and have medium number of weaves.

Apart from this, rub the rug with your palm as it is claimed that a real silk would feel warm, whereas the artificial one would remain cool to your touch. Also, you can ask your supplier to provide you with a sample, so that you can test the originality of the silk. And for that what you need to do is burn the sample to see whether it has flaxy ashes or not. If it doesn’t and produces a powdery ash then you are certainly about to buy an artificial silk rug. In addition, you can also prepare a chemical solution and dissolve the sample to see whether it leave cotton fiber or not. A natural silk rug would dissolve whereas an artificial rug would leave out cotton rayon.

Once, you know whether your silk 11x17 12x18 Persian Rug is authentic or not, you can pay the amount otherwise switch to another company. Well, there is nothing to get depressed if you do not find a real rug from your chosen company as there are already innumerable companies that you can look for. Be thankful that you didn’t invest on a wrong item. To get a real silk rug start searching again.

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