Mashhad Persian rug: An Asian Import from Back in Time

Posted by AxelPrice on October 3rd, 2014

Rug weaving in the holy city of Mashhad, Iran is one of the high-revenue generating sections of trade. Persian rugs, as prized they are all of the word, for their original designs, intricate handiwork and eastern quality of yarn, the Mashhad Persian rug has come up to garner remarkable attention among the many varieties of rugs of Persian origin available for sell in the market. The primary reason why these rugs are widely celebrated in the market is because they come from one of the oldest rug spinning centres of the new world. The Naeen(Nain) Persian rug earns equal popularity because of their brain-busting designs.

The greatest of the rug spinning workshop that ever existed and supplied the world with one of the finest varieties of rugs people have seen was owned by Soltan Ibrahim Mirza. Cut to the 21st century, the prime center has multiplied into many, making the products widespread in the global market. Talking about Mashhad Persian rug, the hubbub surrounding them springs from their properties that are rare, and in many case exclusive. Unlike, a Naeen(Nain) Persian rug, these ones are mostly curvilinear and feature a spectacular central medallion that is the specialty of the rugs. The corner designs are mostly floral while the backgrounds are also designed with floral motifs to keep the Asiatic flavor distinctly engrafted in the aesthetics of the rugs.

Aside, Mashhad has a reputation of weaving the best wool in the whole of Iran. With that to take pride on, these rugs are spun with a mixture of yarns that include special-quality wool that gives a Mashhad Persian rug the durability of many years. Both Mashhad and Naeen(Nain) Persian rugs are known to be some of the best looking varieties of floor coverings to be found in the world. Since commercialization of these hand-woven products is the key to back the Iranian economy with a generous pump of revenue, the rugs are getting produced in different shapes and sizes to fit the requirements of the buyers. While most of them feature a large size, which is 3x5.5 meters that is meant to cover the entire room, smaller versions are also available with people’s interest in using them as rug centerpieces or welcome mats.

Since these rugs are of Asian origin, they bear the color elements that are typical to the east. The weavers make abundant use of shades, bright and catchy, but never out of the place. The chief colors put to use in these rugs are blue, dark red and khaki. The wraps are mostly made of cotton, with most of them containing a mixture of wool. Wefts are woven with just cotton and wool. The rugs demonstrate Persian knots and the numbers range at around 300, depending on the size of the spread.

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