FIFA 14 Automatically Records Goals and Saves on Xbox One

Posted by fifaplay on October 3rd, 2014

The FIFA 15 Coins Xbox One version of FIFA 14 will automatically record all goals and good saves that happen during a match, with a small notification informing the player that a sequence has been recorded on the hard drive of the device.

According to Sportra, gamers can then access the main menu of the console in order to review the footage and delete phases they do not like.

On the PlayStation 4, FIFA 14 does not perform in the same way because the Sony device automatically captures the last 15 minutes of gameplay.

If a player wants a particular goal or save to be recorded, he needs to use the Share button in order to determine exactly what he wants to keep.

The Xbox One and the PS4 versions of the EA Sportsfootball sim are powered by the Ignite engine and will include more animations and better decision  WOW Gold making for AI teammates.

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