Challenge coin and Marine challenge coin- A mark of respect

Posted by dunitzsantrino on October 3rd, 2014

The tale of challenge coins dates back to the First World War. But today, many departments and organizations are walking in the same footsteps and employing the traditional practise of awarding challenge coins. A challenge coin is a medal that owns an emblem of the department it represents. In initial days, these challenge coins were provided to identify group members or when a new mission starts to symbolise the unit, the team used to be provided with challenge coins. In the same path all the departments of the armed forces have their unique challenge coins representing their own departments.

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•Army challenge coins
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•Military challenge coins
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•Custom challenge coins

Department wise all these challenge coins will be engraved with their own department symbol. And these challenge coins are made of metals such as bronze, nickel, copper, silver, aluminium, platinum, and gold and coated with various metals also. Comes A few also come with different quotes written on them signifying their unit. Nowadays the trend of challenge coins is blooming in the corporate world, businesses, schools, institutions, sports, celebration, functions and even weddings.

Marine challenge coins

Marine challenge coins are held in great esteem and are issued for improving team spirit and to give one a sense of belonging and respect. These marine challenge coins will be awarded by the commando officers to honour the members for the outstanding work. It makes no difference whether though you are in the department or retired from the services. Every person who serves the country in the marines deserves the utmost respect of gaining this marine challenge coin. It is a traditional practise that every marine needs to carry the marine challenge coins all the time with him. And if challenged by someone to show the marine challenge coin, one has to do so failing which they have to buy a drink for everyone. And if the challenger presents it, the same challenge would be reversed. Great tradition, isn’t it?

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